Curriculum Plans For 2 Year Old Toddlers

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Curriculum Plans for 2 Year Old Toddlers


The relationship that children develop with each other during their infancy period is most of the time neglected. Most of the institutes pay attention to relationship of infants with adults. On the other hand, children increasingly spend their time in group care with their fellows or peers in the early age of infancy. Most of the times, in these settings adults are fearful of interacting children with their peers since infants are provided with an opportunity to have interaction with older aged kids like 3-4 years children. Administrators and teachers in infant classroom should carefully examine the relationship between children to focus on building relationships between toddlers. In this paper we will discuss that what values and skills should be taught to the students.


The usage of the family centred education approach would be immensely helpful in developing following types of behaviour among pre-school children.


Self-help skills


Pro-social skills


Education System for Social Development

According to the concept of family centred approach a child is asked to select a topic or subject usually from the limited given options to teach the lessons through creative activities. In this approach of child-centred education a child may choose a fruit or any object. After the selection of the object through creative activities the child is taught lessons and the parents watch their children learning different concepts. Under this approach of family centred education the process of learning takes place in the context of involvement of family. Support and guidance is provided to the parents to fulfil the role of teacher, nutrients and caregivers. To teach different lesson parents are also invited to take part in the creative activities (Richard, pp. 1062-1065).

Strategies For Teaching Following Behaviours To Children

Once the student is in the class of family centred approach education system then it is the responsibility of the teacher to prepare the student for their formal education. For this purpose it is essential for the teachers to develop all the necessary skills in students and also to teach parents different strategies so that they can continue the process of learning at home which is the main point and crux of the family centred learning (Ruth, pp. 35-40).We discuss the strategies as follows:


In order to inculcate education and to make the pre-school aged children to be used to of school and schooling system it is imperative that there should be a strong ...