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Dance Theatre Show

Dance Theatre Show


This paper intends to explore the dance shows that I witnessed during the concert. Further I have chosen the two dance forms to review that I enjoyed the most, which are Contemporary dance and Latin American dance. Moreover, this paper will examine the dance moves, beats, rhythm, and synchronization between the dancers along with various other dancing aspects.

I am very fond of dancing, and this is the reason that I watched Grupo Corpo's dance show at Brazil named 'Double bill'. Dancing is said to relive your stress and makes you forget all your worries. It brings out the divine and lively soul in you. Both works featured are choreographed by Rodrigo Pederneiras, a founder member of the company, who has played a key role in shaping the development of their distinctive style (

This company, which is dedicated entirely to contemporary dance, won his own seat in 1978. Early on his work had an immediate harmony with the enthusiastic approval of the public and critics. But it was an exhausting daily struggle that its members have built a conformation own, distinguishing it from other groups, especially in the character of intense Brazilian's of his works. The cost of the Grupo Corpo won the high level of quality that marks his creations, the well-founded basis that the Company has always active, and a calendar with long-term forecasts, which ensures this community an enviable stability. Their designs, imbued with national culture, its deep mark identity, built up gradually and fervently defended without compromise.


Contemporary dance

The very first performance was a group of 11 dancers dressed in skin fitted costumes. Their costumes were designed in such a way that enabled them to dance freely. Further, as they were wearing a full tight costume, I could see their each body ...
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