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The main topic around which this research paper revolves is electronic medical records. The management and control of healthcare are based on the use, transmission and comparison of a large amount of data, information and knowledge. The need to exchange data has increased dramatically, both within a health facility (between the different actors and between specialized units), and also between geographically distant. The spread of computers and computer networks seem to meet the growing need for storage, processing and transmission of clinical data in a more extensive computerization of the health system.

The rising cost and complexity of the organization necessitates an adequate information system, which ensures the efficiency and the accuracy of performance. All these needs are met by electronic medical record. The medical record is the tool used for the management of clinical data of a client. It stores and records data that is gathered during meetings with health care professionals during episodes of illness. This is also the main focus of the study. This study would explore whether the implementation of electronic medical record is effective for healthcare professional as well as for patients or not.

Problem Statement

The main purpose of this dissertation is to explore the importance and significance of electronic medical record in the healthcare industry.


Today's world where we live is filled with economic troubles and recession. Every new day this world faces a new challenge. In such era of recession, inflation and high cost of everything it becomes difficult for an individual to spend on healthcare. Our government also spends a mammoth amount on healthcare. In order to combat the high cost of the healthcare government presents healthcare reforms. In this situation, what can lend a hand in combating this problem is to reduce cost in the all the possible ways. This means to adopt a way that reduces the cost as well as increases the productivity. One of the best ways to do that is embracing technology.

The electronic medical record is a technology that is supposed to provide all these benefits. In order to know all the ways in which the electronic medical record can provide advantages to the healthcare industry I chose to conduct this study. In my opinion, by knowing the importance and advantages that the electronic medical record provides to the healthcare industry whole healthcare industry can be rejuvenated. I considered it important to conduct this study because through this study one can know how the implementation of electronic medical record can provide benefits to the healthcare industry. In this study I made an attempt to reveals all the benefits as well as few of the limitations and barriers of implementing the electronic medical record in a healthcare facility. When all the benefits, limitations and barriers would be in hands then it would be easy for the healthcare policy makers to devise policies and take actions that would help them in reducing the cost and increase the efficiency and productivity. When the cost from healthcare would ...
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