Dependency On Fossil Oil

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Dependency on Fossil Oil

Dependency on Fossil fuels

Thesis Statement

This report will focus on the usage of fossil fuels in America, and its related economic social and environmental problems.


Energy is considered the vital element in the growth of the country's economy, and country like United Stated of America that has emerged on the globe based on its hard work and consistency is highly dependent on the fuels. If a common, man of America is asked about the country's energy policy than he would reply that our country is highly dependent on the fossil fuels (Passiment, 2010).

Generally, three types of fuels are described as fossil fuels namely oil, gas and coal. These are described as fossil fuels because they were discovered thousands of years ago by some wild creatures. More than the decade ago all these creatures were buried deep in the soils and due to extreme heat and pressure inside the earth the elements of these creatures become the bases of fuel creation (Passiment, 2010).

All the discovered natural energies are considered to be in limited quantity, and of these it is observed that only USA consumed more that eighty five percent of the available natural resources. In addition to this, it has also been observed that out of three fossil fuels the usage of coal in United States has a very long history (Passiment, 2010).

During the mid off nineteenth century coal was considered as the major fuel source of creating energy, as it was primarily used in the creation of the steam engines. Further, coal was considered as the primary source because of it-diversified usage like, it was used to generate gas for electricity generation, coal was the major source of energy generation in states like Texas and others (Passiment, 2010).

The three primary fossil fuels that are used in all parts of the world are considered having similar problem and that is these are in limited quantity. It has been argued by the scientist and others that once the usage of these fuels starts it becomes imperative for the oil producing countries to start founding of new energy sources

According to (IEA) International energy agency, the overall usage of oil is expected to increase by more than sixty percent by the end of year 2030. It has also been observed by several scholars that the consumption of oils has increased by more than 100 percent in the past few years, whereas oil-producing countries are currently producing 75 % of natural resources.

Whereas all the related agencies of energy resources are relatively concerned about the possible risk that these fossil fuels will bring like increase in economic expenses, damage in the overall environment, which has shown it adverse effect just recently in USA, increase in security issues and cost of other operations (Passiment, 2010).


Production of Fossil Fuels

Almost every country of the world is being blessed by the natural resources, however, it has been observed some countries have able to produce more fossil fuels than others, for instance some of the top oil producing countries are ...
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