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Depression and Active Suicidal Ideas

Depression and Active Suicidal Ideas


Depression is a very ambiguous term, which has many connotations and very little to understand how the body adapts to the demands of everyday life (daily hassles) and catastrophic situations that occur sporadically (major life events). For many, the concept of stress reflects an undesirable state of worry, fear; irritability, sadness and difficulty in properly handling the situations that cause frustration. For others, stress is a challenge that motivates obtaining achievements and goals in life. In simpler words chronic stress is to remain for a long period of stimuli that exceed the strength of our body. This condition is particularly annoying because not only adults are exposed to it, but that the demands of modern life have caused this disease to be increasingly affecting children and adolescents (Cheung, 2007). Severity of stress called chronic stress which leads to hidden depression. Chronic stress arises when a person never sees a way out of a depressing situation. It's the stress of insistent demands and pressures for seemingly interminable periods. Without hope, the person abandons the search for solutions. It generates a worldview or a belief system, which causes endless stress for the person (for example, the world is a threatening place, people pretending to discover what is not, must be perfect all the time).

Analysis of scientific research on the stress in the professional activity of the person shows that in recent years this problem is most prevalent in the world of psychological science and practice. Now, on the one hand, a significant number of studies of different types of stress such as the stress of life, post-traumatic, professional stress, etc., are accumulated, while on the other, many authors have noted the complexity, inconsistency and lack of conceptual and methodological development of this psychological phenomenon.

Given Scenario (Unseen Question)

The given case study is of Mr. John who is at the age of 33 years and has been given admission in the Acute Psychiatric Ward because of suffering with depression and strong ideas for suicide. Since last five months, Mr. John has been using alcohol in a great deal and for six months he has not been working later than being made uncalled for from the employment he was previously working with. He has informed the personnel for having the wish to hang his own self.

John has been given divorce from his spouse two year before the time he was redundant from his preceding employment. He was in relationship with his wife for twelve years and is a father of daughter who is 10 years of her age. He has not in contact with his daughter. Earlier than these alterations in his life span, John was quite social and till this time he makes a contact with his school time best friend once in a week. His friend is quite compassionate for him. Towards the treatment patterns, John gives good response.

Issues in the Given Scenario

Depression and Suicidal Ideas

Depression is a familiar disorder in psychiatry that leads ...
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