Differentiating Between Market Structures In Kudler

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Differentiating Between Market Structures in Kudler

Differentiating Between Market Structures in Kudler


Kudler Fine Foods has established in 1998 when Kathy Kudler the owner of the company have targeted certain vision of commencing her own connoisseur food store. The company owner has showed her high interest to open her own gourmet store and provide high quality of foodstuff to their customers. Successfully opened two stores with good achievement, Kathy has opened her third franchise, but facing crucial issues that left an adverse affect in terms of managing all things.

Current scenario

Kathy has hired me as a consultant who can scrutinize the market situation and evaluate other companies marketing strategies that helped me to identify the circumstances. The market analysis will possibly evaluate the present condition of a company and help the owner to implement and focus towards new strategies. This approach will help the Kathy to identify the threats and weaknesses of Kudler Fine Foods Company that adversely affect the reputation and target market. Being as a consultant, my inspection will entirely base on competitive analysis of Kudler Fine Food and competitors markets. This approach ill positively help the company to prospects strong approaches and the procedure for their implementation.

Way to Compete in Marketplace

Kudler Fine Foods Company has established its steps from last many years and provides high quality of products and services to their customers. Kathy has opened her three franchises in worldwide which help to boost her business in the market place. This approach will also effectual for Kathy to understand marketing strategies that highly adopted by different companies. The successive proportion of adjusting in the market of Kudler Fine Food requires strong tactics and approaches that help the company to sustain its business at globally and maintain their market value(Burt, 2009).

From the given strategic plan, marketing overview, market surveys and other related sources, it has clearly signifies that company position is almost strong, but requires to take actions against some loopholes. The immediate reactions against some marketing gaps will help the company to modify its strategies by adopting dynamic approaches. The organization competes in the marketplace by introducing innovative products and services for their customers. To analyze the competitive analysis will help the company that what products are frequently adopted by customers. This will diagnose through competitive marketing analysis and help the market researchers to evaluate the propensity at the market place in terms of customers.

Strengths & Weaknesses

From the market survey, competitive marketing and marketing overview, the strengths and weaknesses are the two significant factors that help the company where they stand presently. The strengths help the Kudler Fine Food (KFF) to motivate and encourage their qualities and capabilities, whereas weaknesses require immediate remedy that helps to stay away from a big loss in market(Myers & Tauber, 2011).



1. Small organization

1. Deal in mainly perishable goods

2. No direct competition

2. Specialty shops with high pay-roll

3. Lots of choices for the consumer

3. Small management team with lots of responsibilities ...
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