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The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age

The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age


There are various dimensions of the technological objects which invites us to rethink the uses; the usage of interactive technologies have generated a significant change in the identity of the nation and until now, few studies done on the internet and other software culture have revealed significant issues regarding privacy of the data. Privacy is a growing concern not only in United States of America but for the entire world.


Online businesses and government organizations are formulating new ways of breaching in to privacy and besides this use of technologies including e commerce made it possible that a wide range of one's personal information is available online through internet (Bristow, J.D., 2012).

Privacy is a very important factor especially when it comes to internet. It seems to be quite amazing that how different websites are designed to get and reveal a person's private information and is little bit scary. The three core technologies that allow an individual to access user's private data and can research for citizens without coming in to their knowledge or having permission for it are named as follows.

Host-based intrusion detection software

GPS (Global Positioning System)


Host-based intrusion detection software

The Host based intrusion software can be very much effective for all servers and desktops. The use of this software can be very much helpful and supportive in order to reduce privacy risks. But it could be harmful, if not properly implemented. Clients should not be allowed to view the files of any other client because it is a clear violation of privacy rights. The worse thing is that this information can be hacked through a Bluetooth. Once the file is opened after receiving on the system the intruder is able to control and access the information.


GPS (Global positioning System) is good to trace certain items such as your cars, kids or even pets but when it come to personal tracing it can create serious privacy concerns. The technology can be used in home-based and industrial systems as well as in commercial and military environments. However, this technology has also enabled GPS hackers to enter the privacy data by tracking the cell phones. It is not logical to say that police should never have such authorities but as far as the issue of misuse or blackmailing is concerned it ...
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