Digital Soil Mapping

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Digital Soil Mapping

Digital Soil Mapping

Major Topics and Arguments

This paper has been written with regards to the article written by McBratney et al. (2003) which explains digital soil mapping. Technology is playing an extremely essential role in the world today, and this is mainly because of the importance it has gained. Science has greatly progressed from the previous times, and this is the reason why changes and innovations are taking place at a very high speed. However, there are some issues that are difficult to explain, they simply do not have heads or tails. Not long ago, relying on generous funding from the Foundation "Gates" was launched with great fanfare the international project called “ ". The author has reviewed various approaches in order to make the digital maps on the basis of geographic information systems (GIS) data layers. However there are also some aspects that are considere din generic framework and difefrnet methods have also been used by the author to fit quantitative relationships. These have been fit between the proeprities of soil or the classes that exist in the environment. lineral models are a part of these and they are also classified in various systems such as neural networks and fuzzy systems. Besides this, the data layers have also been reviewed and they are described as environment. Terrain attributes have been developed from digital elevation models, and spectral reflectance bands from satellite imagery have been the most commonly used, but there is a large potential for new data layers. The scorpan-SSPFe method essentially involves the following steps:

Define soil attribute(s) of interest and decide resolution q and block size b.

Assemble data layers to represent Q.

Spatial decomposition or lagging of data layers.

Sampling of assembled data (Q) to obtain sampling sites.

GPS field sampling and laboratory analysis to obtain soil class or property data.

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