Choosing Stimulant Over Non-Stimulant Medication as An Effective Solution to Children Diagnosed with ADHD

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Discussion 1

With reference to the hypothesis that is there is a significant difference between parents choosing stimulant over non- stimulant medication as an effective solution to children diagnosed with ADHD, it is important to note that within ethnography there are several branches depending on the type of work performed. The way in which the study of children diagnosed with ADHD plays, the work is performed taking into account a number of theoretically neutral universal categories, which deal with phenomena objectively studying, semantic ethnography which tries to understand the phenomena taking into account the linguistic conception of the group to investigate, things that everyone should know and understand to belong to the same. In addition to this, the study of children diagnosed with ADHD also entails micro-ethnography that is developed from small investigations of individuals and from there try to address the behavior of the whole group. In the similar way, macro- ethnography is also impportnat fro children diagnosed with ADHD as part of wider issues regarding children diagnosed with ADHD are imperative and essential to understand.

Ethnography is a traditional method that aims at the description of meanings belonging to a particular group. Every social group assigns meanings to their life experiences. Ethnography works emphasizing the exploitation of nature and a particular social phenomenon; conducts in-depth interviews, observation starts; analyzes the discourse of informants; investigating the details of fact; launches microscopic perspective, and finally interprets the meaning and social practices. The ethnography investigates the reality of a group and the knowledge created from the point of view of the other. This tool opened almost anthropological applications of the methods in anthropology. Ethnography is a term that has different meanings, and its use is not settled. In the context of the methodology of social and cultural anthropology it usually refers to the process ...