Disney Theme Parks

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Disney Theme Parks and Its IT Management

Disney Theme Parks and Its IT Management


The Walt Disney Corporation is a worldwide multi-varied amusement enterprise which is a lodging mark to millions of children, youth and adult persons alike. With Walt Disney's vision can Disneyland and Walt Disney World. There are 4 Disneyland's and 1 Walt Disney World, and they are in 4 different countries, including North America, France, Japan and Hong Kong.

Disney Theme Parks

The Walt Disney Company together with its subsidiaries is a diversified entertainment company. The company primarily operates in the North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. It is headquartered in Burbank, California and employs about 149,000 people. The Walt Disney Company is co founded by Walt Disney and his brother Roy in 1923. Besides owning studios, radio stations, cable television and television network, it also owns many theme based parks called as Walt Disney parks and resorts, often known as Disneyland. The major theme parks are in the following locations.


The first Disney land to open was in California on July 17, 1955. 28, 154 attend the opening be invitation and 90 million had watched on ABC television. On July 18, 1955 Disneyland opened to the public with addition coasting $ 1.00 and the reactions cost between .10 cents to .35 cents. (Disney.go.com). Disneyland today is 510 acres.


On October 1, 1971 the first Disney theme park opened to the public in Florida. On October 14, 1982 Epcot opened “Where you can touch the feature and travel the world” (Disney.go.com) In Epcot you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy (Disney.go.com). On May 1, 1989 MGM Studios opened a theme park dedicated to the golden age of Hollywood and as well as television history ( mickeytowm.com). Typone Lagoon and Pleasure Island Water Park opened on June 1st 1989 and on April 1, 1989 Blizzard Beach was opened. Then on April 22, 1998 Disney animal kingdom was opened. As you can see Disney World has everything you would ever want to do.


The second Disney theme park to be built outside the United States was Disneyland Paris it was opened on April 12, 1992 which included the Disneyland Park as well the Disney Village which is a shopping, dining and entertainment complex. Then on March 16, 2002 the Walt Disney Studio Park was opened. This park in Paris was also designed and built to be similar to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom in Florida.


On April 15, 1983 Disney opened the first them park outside of the United State. It was designed and built to be similar to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom in Florida. It is 115 acres.

Hong Kong

On September 12, 2005 Disneyland Hong Kong was opened. It is 310 acres and includes Adventureland, Mainstreet USA, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.

Information technology in Disney Theme Parks

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