Diversity In The Workplace Business Plan Assignment

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Diversity in the Workplace Business Plan Assignment

Executive Summary

The purpose of this paper is to propose a workplace diversity plan through which Zebra Corporation can effectively control and managed diversity in the workplace. Due to the rise of globalization there are several changes in the practices Zebra Corporation. The organization has been growing beyond the national boundaries in order to enhance the market share and survive in the age of competition. There are several barriers that affect the organizational productivity and the workplace conditions. These barriers are internal and also external in nature. The barriers to organizational performance related to diversity in Zebra Corporation are concerned with ethnicity, culture and psychological. This paper proposes a plan through which Zebra Corporation can effectively cope with the concerns related to the organizational diversity. The concerned encountered by Zebra Corporation are not only crucial for the workplace conditions but these issues also affect the overall productivity of an organization. Diversity often accompanies recruitment of employees related to different cultures, ethnicities and religion. These employees are governed by different frame of mind and organization often encounters conflicts during brainstorming of employees. The issues related with diversity in an organization are crucial if not coped with adequately. Nonetheless, in this situation the organization must carefully design and execute a plan to cope with certain issues. The plan suggested in this paper will not only eliminate the diversity issues from Zebra Corporation but it will also ensure that certain issues do not occur in future. The productivity of employees at Zebra Corporation is dependent upon the workplace conditions; the suggested plan aims to optimize productivity of Zebra Corporation by eliminating diversity concerns.

Table of Contents


Identification of Issues Related to Diversity at Zebra Corporation5

Cultural Barriers in Zebra Corporation5

Ethnicity Issues in Zebra Corporation5

Psychological Concerns due to Diversity in Zebra Corporation7

Proposed Plan to Cope with Diversity Issues at Zebra Corporation8

Sensitivity Training of the Workforce8

Support to Affinity Groups at Workplace9

Process of Community Outreach9

Cultural Celebrations at the Workplace10

Maintaining Equillibirium between Diversity and Organizational Performance10

Operational Selection of Factors Influencing Organizational Performance11

Maintaining Creativity, Innovation and Competitive Advantages11

Analyzing the Effects of Diversity on Group Cohesion and Performance12

Coping with Cost-Benefit Consequences of Zebra Corporation13

Managing the Cost Factors Associated with Diversity Concerns14

Leveraging Benefits of Diversity and Multiculturalism15




Executive Memo19

Diversity in the Workplace Business Plan Assignment


In the United States, cultural diversity concept in organizations has not been broadly examined in fields of business and management, while focusing mostly on multi-culturism in comprehensive schools and searching for the importance of culture cognition in business. They key competence of the individual enabling them to operate in the context of diversified culture is the intercultural one, and foreign scientists have been paying particular attention to the analysis of its notion and meaning over the last two decades. The purpose of this paper is to identify an issue related with the diversity at Zebra Corporation. This paper aims to highlight the issues related to diversity in Zebra Corporation; moreover, the paper will present a plan in order to cope with certain situation in the ...
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