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Doctrine of Trinity

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It is made clear to people by the immense participation of Augustine, Boethius, Anselm and Aquinas in the tradition of philosophical theology. This participation made our beliefs stronger about the fact that the existence of God is simple, timelessly eternal, perfect and immutable. Confined in these parameters of beliefs that tell us about such a Hellenic concept of the divine nature, they also made an attempt to provide clarification related to one of the main teachings related to Christianity faith that is the doctrine of Trinity. The word trinitas was the first word that was used in 2d century. This term was first used by the Latin theologian Tertullian but the main and in depth concept was developed after the debates related to the nature of Christ. It was in the 14th century when this doctrine was completely formulated.


Christianity began as a Jewish sect and thus took over the Hebrew God, the Jewish Scriptures eventually becoming, for Christians, the Old Testament. Jesus was probably understood as a holy man of God, but by the end of the 1st century Christians had exalted him into the divine sphere, and this created tension with the monotheistic tradition of Judaism. The solution of the problem was the development of the doctrine of the triune God, or Trinity, which, although it is suggested in the New Testament, was not fully formulated until the 4th century. From the late second century, there has been controversy concerning the nature of Divinity. This controversy is the question that whether God is a loner, perhaps simply manifested in three ways or, are there three separate personalities possessing the nature of divine. Other parts of the dogma emphasize that these three persons are not distinct individuals, but three modes of existence of the divine essence. That is why some proponents of the Trinity claimed that Jesus Christ is God or that Jesus and the Holy Ghost is Jehovah. Unitarian theologians argue that when Jesus was praying to the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, it was his flesh of Jesus which he was praying to His own divinity. If this is the case, then the divinity of Jesus is not really red because there would be no real incarnation if God sometimes acts as Father, Son and others like the later acts as the Holy Spirit.

The word "Trinity" has unbiblical origin. ...
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