“does Banking Industry Is Responsible For The Economic Disaster Of Iceland?”

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“Does banking industry is responsible for the economic disaster of Iceland?”


I. Introduction

Thesis Statement: Banking industry is responsible for the economic disaster of Iceland and it is one those industries which needs lot of improvement to prevent further disaster. Key points are:

As Banking industry is one of the key industries in any economy so the Irelandic Government would need to take steps to resolve the problems associated with it.

Economic analysts would need to find out the internal and external features that is affecting the Irelandic economy and Banking industry.

The impact of political crises on Irelandic economy and the measures which must be taken to resolve them.

II. Body of paper

A. Introduction of structural problems facing the Icelandic economy and the impact it is having on the whole country and then evaluating the whole economy of the country to find out the main problems.

B. Presentation of Iceland's economic crisis in the context of Iceland's position as a developing economy and then highlighting the role of major industries especially the Banking sector in Iceland's current financial crisis.

C. Role of banking system in Iceland's current financial scenario and the steps which must be taken to overcome the problems.

D. Elaboration of the causes of vulnerability of Iceland's banking system and the steps must be taken to bring improvement in the existing Banking structure.

E. Key contributors to Iceland's development and the role they can play in the Ireland's economy.

F. Retrospective analysis of the development of Iceland's economy and the measures Irelandic government could take to boost up the development efforts in the country.

G. Iceland's banking system in the context of the recent global recession and the bail-out plan which must be prepared by the Government to put them out of trouble.

H. The role of the Icelandic government in reviving the economy of the country.

I. Political scenario in Iceland and its influence on Iceland's economic controls which must be dealt properly by the Irelandic government to keep things under control.

III. Summary paragraph

Therefore, many reasons have been identified which led to collapse of the Icelandic economy and the Banking structure so some positive steps will be needed to improve the economy.

A. Elaboration of the reasons leading to the collapse of the Icelandic economy.

B. Substantiation of opinion through the presentation of statistics-driven elaboration on the collapse of the Icelandic economy.

IV. Conclusion

A. Elaboration of the cause-and-effect relationships in recent events in Icelandic monetary policy.

B. Conclusive statement on the recovery of the Icelandic banking system.


With about 320,000 people, Iceland has only about as many inhabitants as an average German city. Nevertheless, the island republic is among the richest nations in the world with one of the highest living standards. Iceland is a member of the United Nations, NATO and the European Economic Area, as well as many other international organizations. “Does banking industry is responsible for the economic disaster of Iceland?”

Until the 80s, Iceland was a more regulated economy with many interventions by the state. Over time, the Icelandic economy has been unbundled and ...