Does Armed Teachers On Campus Make Sense?

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Does Armed Teachers on Campus Make Sense?

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Does Armed Teachers on Campus Make Sense?


Arguments are presented across the board, upon allowing various school teachers to carry guns. The arguments prevail because of recent incidences in various American High Schools. Gun violence in schools is escalating. There are many instances where the school children have been shot or injured in such incidents where there were cases of psychologically disturbed students desensitized enough to perturb violence on innocent school colleagues.

As the number of such incidences has increased in the past number of years, it has given not only the parents but the children as well, an incident to remember. Although education is important for each and every child but should the children be allowed to study in such an environment where they are not at all safe or maybe if safe they are not that much safe as they previously were. Therefore, the question that rises over here is that if the school teachers should be allowed to carry guns to the schools or not in order to handle such situations where they have to take charge in violence prone incidents, until the arrival of the state police.


Teachers - The New Vigilante

There is no doubt about the fact that allowing the school teachers to carry guns would allow them to take charge of the situation before the arrival of the state police and might even allow them to stop the criminals from harming anyone or to be specific any student at the school but a simple argument that arises to this supposition is that what will be the effect of this incident in the eyes of the children, after they come to know that they are being taught by a teacher that carries a gun, while they have always been told that only the police are allowed to carry guns and the other people who are carrying guns are either military or bad people (criminals). In other words, the instance that the children will come to know about the fact that their own school teacher is carrying a gun; they might start fearing the teacher even more (Gaston, 2013). This may result in decline in instances of gun violence in American High Schools.

Not only this, but taking under consideration the worst possible scenario, which is that if God forbid anybody gets shot during the event, for sake of supposition lets consider the criminal him/her self, even then it is highly expected that the students will fear a killer even if its their teacher killing the bad guy, i.e. the criminal . Moreover, the effect of this can get embossed in their minds for their entire lives and can cause them to fear their each and every teacher their entire lives. Thinking only in the terms of the safety of the children can possibly allow the parents and the others to allow the school teachers to carry guns but if thought in other terms that is thinking while taking other factors into ...