Domestic Violence Against Women From South Asian Backgrounds

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Domestic Violence against Women from South Asian Backgrounds


Topic: Domestic Violence against Women from South Asian Backgrounds.

Significance of the topic: the topic domestic violence itself holds a lot of significance but it has a broad range of since it can be found in different forms and different areas. In this study we will be focusing over domestic violence that is against women particularly taking place in the South Asian backgrounds. And in this region usually the ones that are affected by the domestic violence are women. This could be in any kind for instance financial, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuse. These women require a lot of support for reporting these abuses and also have to go through financial challenges.

Method for conducting the study: the method used for completing is the qualitative approach using a number of secondary sources and also including primary sources that will be involving interviews to get accurate information regarding the particular area of study.



Outline of the study

In this study the first chapter will be covering the introduction part that will be describing the entire structure of the research that will include the aims and objectives also the particular questions that will be answered with the help of various literature reviews and gathering information through respondents. Whereas, the second chapter will be the literature review that will be using the secondary sources performed by various authors and their views regarding the particular topic studied, this area plays an important part which will assist in understanding the topic more briefly. The third chapter within the study will be the methodology section that will determining the ways the research has been conducted and the way valuable information has been gathered for effective results and further studying the topic. The fourth chapter is the discussion and analyses regarding the study that will briefly discuss the interviews that have been conducted from the participants, these interviews are a helpful source while conducting a study. This part also uses the literature review as the basis for combining the entire study that results towards the fifth chapter that is the conclusion. This part is significant since it will be concluding the entire topic of study and provides us with the results, future recommendations and limitations that came along the way while performing the research.

Background of the study

This study focusing on the domestic violence against women has been receiving extraordinary attention throughout the national and international levels from the middle of 1990s. This can also be taken down to the roots of historical inequalities among women and men and observed such as the obstacles towards peace, development and inequalities. Violence against women is also observed as one of the significant factors which are capable of undermining the children and women human rights all over the world. That is clearly described by United Nations: “any of the acts of violence based on gender which is capable of resulting or even create the outcomes of suffering or psychological harm or ...