Dracca 05

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Dracca 05

Dracca 05


This case study refers to the case of Dracca, in which the company's leading officials have incurred the organization's profits without considering the impacts on the legal consideration and ethics of the business plan. Moreover, it also sues the person individually for paying the debts associated to the whole organization, which affects the company's reputation among its stakeholders.

The overall study leads to the conclusion that Dracca's management and its board of directors have violated the security concerns related to the organization and the stakeholders' confidence. Therefore, Dracca can be charged for acting criminally in terms of jail time or the profit pay back method. However, such an act has disrupted the organization's position in the society, together with losing the confidence of its stakeholders (Painter-Morland, 2008).

Discussion and Analysis

Bob Marley and Bill Farian are found to be violating the securities by disrupting the stakeholders' confidence, regarding the law enactment within the organization in response to the conference call attended. However, Dracca have an option of paying the profits back to the organization which they incurred with the inside trading, in accordance with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission. This would reduce the level of legal violations committed by Dracca, and thus the internal organization issues will be lessened. The unethical behavior of Dracca in suing Ms. Gray individually for judgment, and selling of interests without any mutual consultation led to the disruption of organization's image among the shareholders. Dracca should assure the security of its investors' confidence within and outside the organization by maintaining a level of law enforcement avoiding the use of asymmetrical details.

The analysis of the case demonstrates that 2006 Companies Act iterated new statutory statement of directors' duties. This statement is an embodiment of a constructive initiation point for directors to comprehend the complete extent of ...