Dracula: Religious Symbolism

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Dracula: Religious Symbolism


Dracula is a novel written by Irish writer, named Bram Stoker, published in 1897. It tells the story of a vampire, an immortal being who feeds on blood of the living, whose name was inspired by the nickname of a historical figure, Prince of Wallachia in the fifteenth century. The theme of the vampire appeared in England, in 1819, at the height of fashion Gothic novel and was then operated by many authors in this century. (Melton, 85-109)

The decisive contribution of Bram Stoker at the extreme end of the nineteenth century is to have made ??the Count beyond the creature with supernatural powers, a damned human being and an un-dead which arouses pity and terror at the same time.

This complexity of Dracula's character, renewed by modern themes, is dear to psychoanalysis as a combination of sexual desire and death. (Galloway, 46-105) This character has revolutionized the horror genre and it also has inspired various writers to create different character such as werewolves and zombies.

Since ancient times, mankind has believed in the life-giving force of blood and considered it as a river of life force. The greatest sacrifice has always been the blood of a living being. Altars of pagan gods abundantly watered with blood. To believe that the blood of any creature may be submitted to strength, health and all other qualities to the person who wants to retain his physicality for eternity. Many features of the novel "Dracula" borrowed primarily from the popular belief that is common among residents of rural Romania. Here, it is a belief that people who bear the curse and excommunication after death remain wandering dead, as long as the Church does not give them absolution. There are legends about nocturnal birds, demons, arriving eat human flesh and blood. According to Romanian legend, some people, such as illegitimate or un-baptized children, witches, sorcerers and seventh sons of seven sons are doomed to become vampires. This used to be a great belief in ancient times that if there is any deviation from the norms in human beings, then they are considered to vampires.

Among the alleged monsters, there were children with birthmarks, uneven teeth or a cleft lip. Such children were born in "shirt" for Christmas, who died un-baptized, and many others. In Bulgaria, where most people were black-haired and dark-eyed, red and blue, it was a belief that the death was waiting for the fate of vampires. According to legend, vampires have s abilities. (Bartlett, 205-413)


It all begins when Jonathan Harker, a young real estate agent, makes a trip to Transylvania to complete the work of his partner, George Renfield. The work was related to the confirmation of Dracula's properties in London. Renfield was admitted to a mental hospital, coming back from his journey from that place in the Carpathian Mountains. At first Jonathan's stays in the house of Count Dracula's which seem to be quite normal, but as the days go by, he starts to realize unusual nature of their ...