Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Ans # 1

Early childhood professionals are all those individuals who are providing direct services to children of age less than 8 years and children's families. It also includes the professionals who give training of professional development to these individual and administrators of programs under which these individuals work. Therefore, the term early childhood professional is very broad and teachers, daycare workers, social worker, educational assistant, parent coordinator, early childhood consultants, school and regional administrators and coaches are known as early childhood professionals.

Ans # 2

On personal level, there should be more focus on commitment to quality. Individual should incorporate high quality practices in development programs of childhood education along with effective implementation and management of these programs. In my views, professional should demonstrate an enthusiasm in acquiring knowledge relating to childhood education. This also includes learning skills to conduct proficient research in the field of childhood education. They should share valuable information or outcome of research to other professionals which will enhance the body of knowledge. On educational front, there must be well defined framework that includes certifications and training sessions to equip the teachers with appropriate knowledge. There must be behavioral training session which will ensure that the behavior of teachers should be appropriate for teaching children. (Shonkoff, 2000)

Ans # 3

In order to get prepare for a career in early childhood education, one should access him or herself on criteria such as do you like to build up strong individuals and families and value the surprises of childhood discovery. If one has that type of mental attitude or mind then one should pursue carrier in the field of childhood education. There are certain college courses that will lead towards the career in this field. There are center such as California Commission on teacher Credentialing which offer Child Development Permit that enhance the skills required for teaching in the field of childhood education. There are six different level which provide knowledge and experience requirements range from assistant level to director level. There are also certain types of certifications that help in building career in this field. (Shonkoff, 2000)

Ans # 4

The future as an early childhood professional is very bright because this field plays an important role in developing a society and gives shape to future generation. There are certain career options for an early childhood professional such as teacher in early childhood program, Family day ...
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