Economic Diversification In Brunei Dar-Us-Salam: A Case Study Of Kk Wasan Field Rice Project

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Economic Diversification in Brunei Dar-us-Salam: A case study of KK Wasan Field Rice Project



My thanks go out to all who have helped me complete this study and with whom this project may have not been possible. In particular, my gratitude goes out to friends, facilitator and family for extensive and helpful comments on early drafts. I am also deeply indebted to the authors who have shared my interest and preceded me. Their works provided me with a host of information to learn from and build upon, also served as examples to emulate.


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Theoretical Framework1

Definition of Economic Diversification1

Economic Diversification Programs2

Theories of Economic Diversification3

Resource Curse4

Dutch Disease4

Rentier Economy5

Diversification of Brunei Economy6

Problems and Issues in Brunei Economy10

Agriculture - Its Viability As An Economic Sector10

Agricultural Development12

Paddy Farming13

Characteristics/Nature of Paddy Farming Activity in Brunei14

Problems/Issues of Paddy Farming Activity in Brunei15

History of Paddy Farming in Brunei16

Types of Paddy17

Dry and Wet Paddy18

Contribution of Paddy Farming to Brunei Economy18

Subsistence Farming Practices19

Decline in Diversity of Rice20

Dynamics of On-Farm Rice Diversity in Brunei22

Brunei Vs. Other Countries23

Agricultural Policy of Thailand23

Brunei vs. ASEAN Countries25

Problem Of Food Dependence In Brunei26

Food Security as an Issue in Brunei27

Framework for Analysis28



Theoretical Framework

The study on the “economic diversification in Brunei Dar-Us-Salaam” is an important topic that has been discussed in the past literature to large extent. Brunei is considered to be the country that is largely dependent on its oil and gas sectors for earning large amounts of income. However concerns have been raised by various research agencies and the government institutions about the shortage of oil and gas in the future and heavy dependence of country on these natural resources. The government and other agencies have highlighted the agriculture sector of Brunei as an important sector that the country could depend in the future by promoting different economic diversification programs based on the enhancement of agricultural activities.

Definition of Economic Diversification

The economic diversification has been defined as “the process of introducing large number of diverse resources that the country could depend on in one way or the other at times of financial crisis or economic shocks.” The economic diversification is need to enhance the generation of government revenues, employment, export receipts, income, wealth etc. Thus the economic diversification can be taken as the enhancement of not only the GDP growth but also the enhancement of other variables including the employment and fiscal revenues. This process of diversification can be brought into any sector of the economy that is gas /oil sector or any other sector in order to diversify the economy growth. In case of Brunei, the economic diversification should be brought in diverse range. Being a small economy and a heavy reliance on oil and gas sector, the country should make itself dependent ...
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