Economic Globalization & Global Sustainable Development

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Economic Globalization

An Obstacle or an Opportunity to Global Sustainable Development

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Conceptions of Globalization5

I.Design Unit5

II.Design Conflict and Pluralistic6

Globalization: As a New Challenge6


Three Globalizations7

I.The Globalization of Information Flows7

II.The Globalization of the Economy8

III.The Globalization of the Environmental Management of the Planet9

The Effects of these Globalizations9

I.A Fractured World9

II.Entering a New Era: a change of civilizations succeed10

III.The Environmental Degradation10

Globalization and Sustainable Development11

Concept of Sustainable Development11

Definition of Sustainable Development12

Two Opposing Trends of Sustainable Development12

A Multifaceted Process13

Fundamental Principles and Basic Modes of Sustainable Development13

Sustainable Development Leading to Social Organization13

Domination of Financial Consideration14

Economic and Technological Forces14

Globalization and its Effects14

Growing Disparities14

Implementation of Events, Decisions, and Actions15

Major Trends of Globalization15

Managing Globalization15

Meeting Challenges of Globalization16

Professionalization of Politics16

Renewal of Global Governance16

Solidarity Economy17

Recommendations to Sustainable Development17

I. Bridging the Gap between Rich and Poor17

II. Codify International Legal Instrument18

III. Encouraging Participation in Civil Society18

IV. Implementation of Socio-Economic Policies18

V. Predominance of Commercial Law18

VI.Promoting Global Education19

VII.Promoting Global Governance19

VIII.Promoting the Participation of Opponents of Globalization19

IX.Promotion of New Consumption and Production Patterns19

X.Supporting and Promoting Cultural and Linguistic Diversity20



Economic Globalization

An Obstacle or an Opportunity to Global Sustainable Development


The term globalization is the process of market integration and reconciliation of men, notably resulting from the liberalization of trade (goods, labor, and knowledge), the expansion of the competition and impact of information technology and communication on a global scale. It manifests itself, in addition to the growing interdependence of economies (economic globalization), the expansion of trade and interactions human. Globalization is inevitable and irreversible. Globalization and technology seem to consistently shape and revolutionize international relations. Everything happens as if the “world” was a single entity selling the same thing, in the same manner at relatively low costs. Globalization marks a new rupture between the old "international economy" and a new "global economy.” In the latter, national economies are broken down and re-articulated within a system and process transactions directly operating internationally. This paper aims to analyses weather economic globalization is an opportunity or obstacle to global sustainability development. Additionally, the paper entails recommendations to global sustainability development.


According to the sociologist Guy Rocher, “Globalization can be defined as the extension to the global issues that were previously limited to regions or nations” (Fournier, 2001). Globalization also refers to the exchanges of various kinds, economic, political, cultural, between nations, relationships that result, peaceful or conflictual, complementarity or competition. According to him, globalization means evoking another reality, a contemporary one: the extension of these relations and the international trade and transnational across the world, reflecting the rapid growing transport and communication in contemporary civilization. As globalization, (a term preferred by the sociologist), it would refer to a world system beyond international relations, a total social fact in the proper sense of the term, a referent itself.

Conceptions of Globalization

As soon as globalization has become a global phenomenon, the economic man has sought to define it. Two designs, "unit" and "confrontational and plural" clash around the explanation of this phenomenon.

Design Unit

According to the unitary concept, globalization refers to the notion of a united world, a world ...
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