British Red Cross

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Business Environment

Business Environment

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Purpose and Objective of British Red Cross

British Red Cross is an organization that is helping the people in crisis by offering them health and rescue related services (Goddard & Smith, 2001, p.1162). The basic idea and the rationale of British Red Cross is that it intends to help people in crisis, without any discrimination. They help people prepare to face emergencies and respond to emergencies in an adequate manner. Not only that, they also help in rehabilitation as soon as crisis is over.

Purpose and Objective of National Health Services

There are wide variety of health related services that are provided by the National Health Services, what they intend to do is that they provide common health related services in UK. They provide emergency and healthcare, general practitioners are also looked at by this service. Even the dental services are provided by them (Watson et al, 2004, p.128). They also play an advisory role on how to access these services and how these services can be improved. They also brief about dos and don'ts of the emergencies and how they are needed to be treated. They also people on health costing and other such things.


Treatment of the Stakeholder

British Red Cross

When one talk about the nature of the operations of the British Red Cross, it can be seen that there operations are more inclined towards rescue and rehabilitation services. Customer is an important stakeholder whenever there is any business. What the Red Cross does is that they provide wide array of services to their customers (Ham, 2004, p.334). Most of their services are more inclined towards the provision of healthcare services. Another area in which they support their customer is that their services are inclined towards provision of the healthcare services.

National Health Care Services

As far as the way NHS treats some of its stakeholders, their practices are more inclined towards the provision of the general healthcare services. There are emergency and healthcare units that work with them. Then there are hospital services as well as dental services that they take care of. Some of the other service that is provided by them is pharmaceutical services, dental services, sexual health services and mental counselling.


Responsibilities of the Organization and Strategies to Meet these Responsibilities

Comparison of NHS and British Red Cross

NHS Vs. Red Cross

If one looks at the responsibilities of both these organizations, it can be seen that both these organization are involved in health care sector. At the same time, they are also the part of the emergency medical services. But there are some underlying differences, while Red Cross is more inclined towards the crisis management and disaster management; NHS is more towards the provision of the general health care services (Stewart et al, 2002, p.371). BRC is responsible for the provision of efficient emergency and medical services, while on the other hand, NHS must make sure that they are operating in a manner that they took up all the health services related ...