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Research Papers on E-Commerce

The explosion in the use of electronic commerce (e-commerce) by the business sector has been tremendous since its inception only a few years ago. From governments to multinational companies to one-person start-ups, e-commerce is increasingly being viewed as a key business modality of the future. In regard to this, Researchomatic offers exceptional sample research papers on E-commerce by hiring the most qualified writers and editors.

Electronic And Mobile Commerce
Electronic and Mobile Commerce Abstract This paper aims to provide knowledge about e-commerce and its influence on the traditional businesses. It also highlights various opportunities provided by e-commerce to businesses. E-commerce technology is converted into mobile commerce; this paper explains how this technology convergence takes place. The planning process of e-commerce strategy ...
E-Commerce Business Venture
E-Commerce Business Venture Executive Summary is focused on camping equipment retail business. The company plans to connect thousands of customers, mainly single parents, with the distributors or manufacturers. It is an online portal that allows shopping of camping equipments 24/7 in almost 6 cities of the United States: New York, Los ...
Research Project
RESEARCH PROJECT Research Project Research Project Methodology Hypotheses Ho 1: Legal consequences occur in dealing with illegal online marketing tactics. Ho 2: Quantitative research methodologies assist in ethical and legal factors of marketing. Collection of Primary Data Quantitative Research Techniques In quantitative research, we find the distribution of different attitudes in the population, the perception of current ...
An E-Business Analysis Of Amazon.Com
An e-business analysis of Executive summary4 Introduction5 E-commerce and E-business5 Amazon ( About Amazon6 History and background6 Discussion8 Life cycle stage8 Customer set and users9 Needs addressed9 Role of Internet in strategies10 EC metric (POP)10 Impact of Internet regulations11 EC security11 Competitive advantage12 Barriers to Global E-commerce12 References14 An e-business analysis of Executive summary E-commerce/E-business is a growing trend in modern trade. It has enabled the expansion of ...
South East Airlines
South East Airlines Company Summary E-Commerce The airline uses Global Distribution Systems to connect to the world. The company can let travel agents and control all the local hubs through this system. In addition to this they have a website through which the customers can check out the schedules and prices of the ...
E-Commerce Abstract Ecommerce is any trade activity in which purchase orders - sales and payments are made through an online environment, which include banking and financial services provided via the Internet. E-commerce is taking advantage of distance selling the great advantages offered by new information technologies, such as the extension of the ...
Online Trading
ONLINE TRADING Impacts of Online Trading and Ecommerce on the Economy of UK Executive Summary The utilization of the Internet for business transactions has developed drastically over the past few years. Roughly three out of five associations are utilizing E-commerce to some degree and an extra one-fifth state they plan to take part ...
Research Topic - Complications And Problems Of Global E-Commerce
Research Topic - Complications And Problems Of Global E-Commerce Research Topic - Complications And Problems Of Global E-Commerce Introduction The electronic commerce or commonly known as the e-commerce is kind of market place where the buying and selling of the products and services are among the buyers and sellers are take place over ...
Internet Bubble History Name
Internet Bubble History Table of Contents Introduction7 Discussion7 ConclusionError! Bookmark not defined. Internet Bubble History Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion3 Conclusion8 References9 Internet Bubble History Introduction  When prices rise above the justified economic fundamentals, it is called a “Speculative bubble”. The ways to measure an assets fundamental value are multiple; one of them is by discounting an anticipated ...
Refined E-Commerce Solution For Timeless Fun Toys Inc
Refined E-Commerce Solution for Timeless Fun Toys Inc Refined E-Commerce Solution for Timeless Fun Toys Inc Introduction Timeless Fun Toys, Inc. is a giant toy producing company which deal in all types of toys but has a special focus on action and heroic cartoon characters that are very famous among the children. Timeless ...
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