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Personal and Professional Development Plan


Learning has a huge role in shaping the overall development of a person as well as the society as a whole. The aspect of high learning plays a major role in the transformation of a student to a thorough professional. The professional capacity of human beings is increasingly shaped by the learning they get through their educational experiences. Individuals that focus on receiving a high degree of learning in their educational experiences go a long way in excelling in their professional careers as a majority of professional decisions depend a great deal on the optimum learning received in education (Boud & Molloy, 2013).

We would look to develop a reflective report in the context of my personality and the number of relevant skills I posses. The appropriate skills need to be incorporated for a successful SWOT analysis of my personality that would play a huge role in my professional success (Geary, 2013). The success of my professional career depends a great deal on the learning as well as the relevant skills I am able to align with my professional capacity. As individuals, we learn on a daily basis and apply the learning to our practical lives on a regular basis. The learning process would be of no use if the learning is not applied in our practical lives (Dearnley & Dixon, 2013).

Learning Styles and Theories

The Index of Learning Styles is one of the highly practicable models sued by learners over the years. It was developed by Richard Felder and Linda Silverman in the 1980's. The Index of Learning Styles signifies that the learning styles comprise of four dimensions that play a huge role in the successful professional development. Since it is a widely used model in the context of learning, we have got to look at the intricacies associated with this learning style (Chick, 2013).

The dimensions are of essential importance in the context of applying learning in real lives. Individuals using this learning model should look to identify where their preferences lie as far as the dimensions are concerned and then look to devise a more balanced approach to learning that would assist them in their overall learning process. By following a balanced approach, individuals would be able to significantly enhance their learning effectiveness as well as adopting different levels of perception. Individuals having a balanced approach would be able to apply different ways of perceiving the environment as a whole. Attaining balance is of significant importance since learners would not want to get to the extreme of any of the learning dimensions. Identifying with any one side of the dimensions would posed severe limitations of the learner's ability to absorb new information and interpret it in an appropriate manner (Hadar & Brody, 2013).

Age Theory

In the Age theory, the authors asserted the age related periods of life and also addressed the personal issues that affected adults in the context of certain ages. The authors of Age Theory content that with the aging ...
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