Role of Assessments in Education

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Role of Assessments in Education

Role of Assessments in Education


Critical analysis of any task, project, and team work requires complete knowledge, skills and understanding related to the subject. Critical analysis requires focus on every step of the team work of the project. Teamwork and project require both management skills as well as awareness related to the concerned subject. Team work requires full coordination and understanding between the team members and the team leader. Project management also requires talent and expertise; project may be done in a team or individually depending on the nature of the project. These two essays reflect my knowledge and experience while working in a team for a unique project, my understanding and experience involves team selection procedures, project management and selection skills and other related concepts and ideas (Badke, 2011).



A team is primarily called as a group of people with different tasks and diverse skills, who work together on the same and general project, goal, target, or service with mutual support and coordination. People working in a team have a similar aim, but they may vary in profession, skills or qualities (Felix, 2008). Effective and well disciplined teams have many skills and qualities in common these qualities may include:

Clear Objectives

One of the central and significant qualities of an efficient team is that, all the members working in a team have clear concepts and objectives related to the project. The mission, aim, purpose or the main idea or objective are understood and acknowledged by all the team members. There is no conflict of views or ideas.

Excellent Communication

Excellent and tremendous is among the most acknowledged qualities of an efficient team. Communication is the most essential quality required by any team. An efficient team develops honest, open, and direct communication within a team; every team member must be confident enough to share views and ideas with other team members or may be with the team leader. Teams lacking in good and encouraging communication skills and tools always fail and unsuccessful in achieving their objectives (Butakov, Dyakilev , & Alexander, 2012).


The leadership skills of a successful and well organized team are different from those of an unsuccessful team. Leadership of a successful team always binds its team members and gives full liberty to them to share their ideas and concepts, and make necessary contribution and innovation to the project with full interest and strength. Leadership of a capable team maintains friendly, professional and cordial relations with its team members and always makes them focus towards the team objectives and goals.

Organizational Structure

For a team to be successful and productive it must have an approved organizational structure., Organizational structure must be approved by all members of the team and it must be non-conflicting. This characteristic of a well organized team results in quality output.

Adequate availability of resources

Adequate availability of resources is among the foremost qualities of an efficient team. In a highly productive and efficient team, ample resources are available to allow the team members to perform its duties and ...