Education, Culture And Society

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Education, Culture and Society

Education, Culture and Society


Identifying who are the learners and how the learning processes will go forward is the major argument on ESOL context. The major constraints ESOL teachers face that they have no up to date data regarding the demographic data of immigrants and their level language and learning needs. Growing number of female learner getting ESOL association for eliminating their language barriers. This elimination of barriers can help those females to get the momentum in society as a job seeker, parenting. In every society female always felt unsecure. (Dr Jane Ward, Regional Development Officer)

In ESOL classes, female learners are insignificant numbers. The major factors regarding their personal matter is their family positions. Migrant female with young children faces severe problems especially with limited finances. They have to support their families financially. On the other side, their children faces difficulties in their school learning. These barriers can be raise for female migrants in UK from other destinations. Eliminating these barriers through ESOL can help those female learners to adjust them self in the culture.

ESOL is something ahead than language tuitions. The educational backgrounds like B.As and other degrees also plays significant roles as mentioned above the educational system varies across countries and because of the weak local educational system in those regions are the major factor which severely emphasis on the need of ESOL. The receptive ESOL instructor creates a classroom setting which is stimulated by the need of learners and resources rather than relying on traditional teaching ideologies and theories or personal styles. Some researchers consistently refer to educational issues as being a cyclical. The student who lags behind the same regional student must require additional education to stay in the race with others (Smith, 2012, pp. 77-78).

When the social relations and identities are properly understand, the theories of language, teaching and learning are more receptive to learners. The structure of the UK is like; it's a federation which consists of six states and two territories. The government of UK plays a vital role in the program development of the education system. The government also takes an interest in the strategies development and policy setting of the education system (Koehler, 2006, pp 1021-1035).

The existing policies regarding the ESOL have to be reform because the funding issue for the learners especially females is the major constraint in front of them. (Consterdine, E. And Ever ton, A., 2012, pp. 30-31). Professional training and development opportunities must be provided to every student.

Literature Review

The huge mass of unemployment in the 1930s has used to incite prejudice in Europe earlier. This new injustice was being incited without such dire economic conditions, although the unemployment rate rose again in 1970s. In this course of tile social, rank grew again in importance (Dorling, 2010, pp. 146-148).

The educational setting in the context of ESOL is based on community learning methods.Community learning methods are designed to help in acquiring a new skill, and it will also support in progression to ...
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