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Assignment on Pedagogy

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Proposing A Framework For Optimizing The Use Of Los And Lors For Teaching And learning In The Malaysian Primary/Secondary School
Proposing a framework for optimizing the use of LOs and LORs for teaching and learning in the Malaysian Primary/Secondary School Proposing a framework for optimizing the use of LOs and LORs for teaching and learning in the Malaysian Primary/Secondary School Introduction Information and communication technology ICT has resulted in providing a number of opportunities ...
Consensus Driven Solution
Consensus Driven Solution Consensus Driven Solution Introduction School settings are not responsible merely to deliver the academic literature to the students, but they are the most important learning center for children after their own parents. The learning environment at school has a great impact on the personality making process of a child. ...
Lifelong Learning
LIFELONG LEARNING Lifelong Learning Lifelong Learning TEACHING IN LIFELONG LEARNING Introduction The word 'inclusion' obviously comes from 'include', and signifies the act of including. Its significance arises from questions of treatment according to the value of equality. Lifelong learning is the growth of skills of any person by a constant encouraging procedure that ...
English Learning Syllabus And Model
English Learning Syllabus and Model English Learning Syllabus and Model Preparing Mainstream Teachers for English Language Learners In this article a framework was proposed for making the cultural and linguistic foundations of teaching. The framework produces learning within the concept of conventional teaching preparation, in order to influence classroom practices. This framework is ...
Learning Activities And Resources
Learning Activities and Resources Learning Activities and Resources Introduction The research of discovery management for effective decision making has long resided in the realm of intelligent systems, organizational research, and social science. Recently, it has been receiving more attention from the Applied analytics community. This chapter presents an in-depth survey of the related ...
Unit1 - Discussion Board
Unit1 - Discussion Board Unit1 - Discussion Board Introduction Being a teacher of this class, it is my responsibility to be aware with the instructional design models and methodologies. I usually spend time on the preparation of my class syllabi before every presentation that how can I make it more effective and ...
The Effects Of Using Differentiated Instruction In The Classroom
The Effects of Using Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom Abstract Individuality of the student is one of the major factors that lead to the problem of diversification. Every student has different interest and different way of understanding things. This differentiation results in creating a problem for teachers to deal efficiently with ...
Disproportionate Representation Of Diverse Students In Special Education
Disproportionate representation of diverse students in special education Disproportionate representation of diverse students in special education Introduction The disproportionate placement and representation of the students who belong to different ethnic grounds and cultures has been a controversial issue since a very long time. This representation of children because of their different ...
English Grammar
English Grammar English Grammar Lesson 1 Objectives ESL Students will learn about the basic use of articles in the sentence structure. They will also able to differentiate between indefinite and definite articles at the end of lesson 1. Activities Different exercises for the use of articles are designed to engage students in a constructive activity. Articles Article ...
Form-Focused Instruction
Form-Focused Instruction Form-Focused Instruction Introduction The term form-focused instruction explains any pedagogical practice taken on by teachers of second language (L2) with the objective of drawing attention of their students to language form (Collins, 2012). Long (1991) defines focus on form as drawing students' interest to linguistic elements, as these elements ...
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