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Thesis on Pedagogy

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Making An Interview With English As Foreign Language (Efl) Teachers In Technical Colleges
Making an interview with English as Foreign Language (EFL) teachers in Technical Colleges by Introduction Based on the survey analysis, 14 items were identified which were further discussed with the participants in order to understand the reason behind their response. Q7 Create graphics (e.g., Paint) Create graphic\the use of technology has been one of the ...
Critical Pedagogy And Special Educational Needs And Disabilities
Critical Pedagogy and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities By TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW1 Introduction1 Educational paradigms and Special Education2 Critical pedagogy and special educational needs in UK7 Conflicts And Issues Of Critical Pedagogy In SEN UK8 REFERENCES11 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW Introduction According to Sindelar, (2006) teacher who develops critical pedagogy considers the educational process from ...
Teaching Modern Standard Arabic In International Baccalaureate School: Teacher Perspective
Teaching Modern Standard Arabic in International Baccalaureate School: Teacher Perspective by ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would take this opportunity to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for their support and guidance without which this research would not have been possible. DECLARATION I, [type your full first names and surname here], declare that the contents of this ...
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