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Educational Theory to Practice: A Technical Approach for Realizing Contemporary Educational Objectives in Practice

Educational Theory to Practice: A Technical Approach for Realising Contemporary Educational Objectives in Practice


The nature of knowledge and learning holds immense importance in today's sphere of education specifically within the sphere of primary education. However, knowledge and learning are the integral part of our society which helps in bringing a positive reformation and enlightenment. The need for knowledge and learning has become so important in the world that it needs to be used in the right manner. The right use of knowledge and learning can unravel the mysteries of life and hidden potential of individuals. As a matter of fact, the role of the primary education curriculum is paramount considering the overall uniqueness of the child, because this particular field helps for form child's intelligence, personality and the potential for his/her future development (Fejes & Nicoll, 2008).

In that particular regard, it is pertinent to note that the application of knowledge and learning to the primary school children needs to be emphasized through an enlightened and innovated spirit. The effectiveness of new primary school curriculum can only be achieved through creating a value-based learning environment which aims towards knowledge at every step. Knowledge and learning go hand in hand for achieving the positive influence on the children as well as individuals. Individuals encompassing the value-based knowledge and learning need to disseminate it through the right medium (Jans, 2004, pp. 24-44). In fact, it is an integrated approach which requires knowledge and learning as the tools to enhance primary education and its learning practices. In that particular regard, this paper will primarily focuses on the constructivist theories that related in any regard to the notion of the primary education, further they essay will also shed light on the views of Bronfenbrenner, Bernstein and Bourdieu.


Teaching, by and large, is based upon knowledge sharing and value-based learning in today's highly complex and challenging society in which we live today. However, in terms of the primary education, the needs of the individuals cannot be catered without knowledge sharing and value-based learning. The values of the mentor hold importance for developing the character and mind of the individual. These values are needed to develop the foundation primary education, which will encompass effective curriculum. The need of students an only be catered through incorporating these values of the mentor through the right medium.

In order to expedite studying, there is a need for careful appraisal of the requirements of the primary students. The educational module for primary school education should be produced through need appraisal with the goal that it doesn't overlook the distinctive aspects of the understudy. The way of information and studying might be best comprehended through the singular and group needs of the social order (Morss, 2002, pp. 39-54). Information takes some structures where the most imperative structure is the reasonable and dynamic Knowledge which can help in improving the potential of ...