Educational Leadership And Administration

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Educational Leadership and Administration

Educational Leadership and Administration

When did I become a leader? When did I want to become a leader? And how frustrating was it? I loved being involved. My mother said I might as well have the keys to the school because I was always going early for some meeting, or staying late for some activity. I just wanted to be around where the action was. I was never on Student Council, never class president, never prom queen, never starred in the school play, but I was there—working backstage with the props, cueing the actors, helping with sound effects, decorating the gym, cheering on the team.

Before I enter the education leadership program, my profession wasn't nearly preparing me for leadership role. I was bored, and I felt that my talents as a leader wasn't being utilize or challenged. Personally, I believe school leadership is transcended through qualities that enable an individual to step to the forefront of a situation and take command by overseeing, delegating, and providing guidance. As a principal, I want to be the kind of leader that people will trust and respect, but before I can gain their respect I will have to earn it with hard work. That is why it is important as a leader to have an attitude of servitude. This does not mean that I'll allow people to step all over me or dismiss their job duties, but I'll make myself readily and available to help out when the need arise. By doing this it will set up a basis for success as a building principal, because my staff will be more likely to accept changes, solutions, and advice if they respect me. It's safe to say that the principles that dominate the universities leading the preparation of the business elite, are subsequently measured at the organizational culture of the enterprise, the structure of which the "join" the new leaders and professionals. This alone would have been sufficient allegations to make the corporate culture of modern business institution subject of much analysis and research.

As a leader, it is also important to prepare to make tough decisions that go against the grain. There are going to be times when it is necessary to make these types of decisions. As a leader I will be responsible to make choices based upon what is best for the students. It is important to realize that I will step on people's toes and people will be angry with me. Know that if it is best for the students, then you have a rational reason for making those decisions. A principal should be student-centered and their school vision should center on the betterment of the students. All my activities that occur in my building will revolve around what is best for the students. If it is not good for the students, then there is no reason I should continue. However, it does not. If you remove the blockages in the rhetorical literature on this subject, it will be ...
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