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Dear Friend,

How are you? Your responses to my letters really give a motivational boost to me in going further ahead in my profession and life. In response to our previous converstation, I am writing this letter to you to tell you about my recent learning experiences and how they have actually transformed my life. My experiences in the learning environment have led me to become a highly empowered and capable human being; hence education has always occupied a very personal space in my life. I believe that the academic development of an individual is a necessary part of one's personality, as it provides one with the adequate tools to comprehend the various socio economic factors present in the environment.

As we have always believed from our school days, the students in their various learning environment should realize this importance of academic development, and seek to portray education as a part of their social upbringing. This process would help the students learn more from their academic experiences, and also give them the ability to use the educational lessons in their personal lives (Boudon, 1974). This is the view which I have always kept in mind and this belief has helped me in my own academic experiences, and has enriched my personal thought process. I believe that once you read this letter, you would have a portray of my personal feelings regarding the various courses I have taken throughout my academic career this far, and how such experiences have had a positive impact on my intellectual capacity.

I believe that the primary factor which can enable the students to attain more substantial benefits form their education is the applicability of their learnt material in their daily lives. This is how I have viewed every course of my education, and I believe that this feeling has added another dimension in my cognitive abilities. If students are encouraged to apply their own experiences and personal perspectives in the academic learning sessions, they would be more interested in learning new things and the effectiveness of the courses would also enhance. Students should be provided the essential understanding about the education that they receive through various academic sources designed to make them more enlightened and capable human beings. This learning process will cause them to develop several significant skills, which will help them succeed in life. Everything that I have learned till now could be simply divided into 3 main heads which give an entire view of my learning.

In any given society there are certain levels of social classes which are present for the overall population. I did not perceive these classes to exist in a clear fashion in the initial period of my academic career, however as my understanding of the world has grown, so has my perception. It is true that the social classes are not that same as the ones that existed in the traditional perspective in the previous societies, which were built on the negative human ...