Effects Of Social Media In Cross Cultural Marketing studying The Case Of Cross-Cultural Management

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Effects of social media in cross cultural marketing

Studying the Case of Cross-Cultural Management

1. Title3

2. Background4

3. Presentation and Critical Review of the Literature and Theories used6

4. Project Proposal and Objectives11

5. Research Plan and Methodology13

6. Empirical Facts and Finding17

7. Analysis and Discussion18

8. Overall Conclusion21





Effects of social media in cross cultural marketing

In this paper, I will be focusing over the importance of cultural studies taking place within the organizations. The way the organization deal with the cross culture problems and the challenges faced while dealing with cross cultural employees. This study in its own self is way too broad and includes a number of aspects that needs to be taken care of. Many researchers have been trying to study this area that will be reflected within the literature review. As it is already visible that the social media is expanding increasingly also have its effect over the cross cultural marketing

2. Background

The role of communication and information technologies has been progressing within the social and economical life currently. There are development trends that are capable of reflecting that this area is just not the significant stimulus of the entire global organization, but also the significant segment within the industry globally. These social media sites are also being observed as the newer trend within the information and communication technology world and have been emerging the long way throughout the longer way from the basic efforts of the computer mediated social media

Different kinds of social media websites like Bebo, Cyworld, Face book and My space throughout the minute they have been brought within the market have been attracting millions of consumers, a number of them that have been involving these particular sites throughout the daily routine. Although none of the sites are evenly famous across the different cultures (Joynt, Warner, 2002). In this particular study, we will be looking briefly towards examining the effects of these social media websites while marketing cross culturally also discussing the concerns related with these particular websites. The cross cultural study regarding the usage of social media websites have been updated involving the examining of just the few of the social media websites, a number of those usually examining the users are the students and universities and in number of situations few of the users have been observing or surveying the websites or just the country for the particular existing social media (Varner, 2000, pp 40). Even though lots of extensive research has been going on in this area and the researchers have been trying to understand this area briefly but there is still a lot of efforts required in this area.

3. Presentation and Critical Review of the Literature and Theories used

Cultural localization within the virtual environment

There are a number of descriptions for the word “culture” where there is no single reason behind the definition of the culture but over here only one of the definitions will be offered- one of the definitions stated by M. J. Herskovits, 1955 regarding the culture that is the “man-made segment within the human ...
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