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I would take this opportunity to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for their support and guidance without which this research would not have been possible.


I [type your full first names and surname here], corroborate that this work submitted for assessment is my own and is a formulation of my own words. Any area of this paper which tends to incorporate the works of other authors in any contour (e.g. ideas, equations, figures, text, tables, programs) are properly acknowledged.

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This research studies the effects of E-Learning, in the modern world. It tends to inculcate different notions related to the subject of e-learning in order to develop an effective and efficient understanding of the subject. This research adapts the qualitative methodology approach which helps in identifying and interpreting different phenomena's regarded as important in order to develop an effective and efficient understanding of the subject.








Reasons for the Independent Variables5


This chapter of the research tends to develop an understanding and identify the reasons for conducting a research onto the identified topic. However, in the context of this paper this chapter would inculcate the notions related to e-learning, In order to understand the dynamics of the subject, this chapter would also inject an understanding of e- learning in the modern world. The nomenclature of this chapter tends to stand on the bricks of rationale behind the research, research questions, dependent and independent variables, significance of study and limitations of study. This chapter not only in this research tends to be of vital importance but in any other research it tends to hold its significant ground, based on the fact that it serves as the face of the research. The reader will be able to gauge the understanding of the subject through this chapter. The understanding injected in the mind of the reader in this chapter will allow him or her to further understand the related notions associated with the subject.

Background of the Problem

The advent of technology has changed many things around us and the way we humans use to go about it. The world has now taken a shape of a global village, therefore, in this village the only concept which tends to stand and around which this village will move in the future is the survival of the fittest. So in order to survive and be counted among the fittest one need to have strong toolkit, which can maximize, an individual's performance and growth. The individual's performance and growth is linked to the fact that how he or she chooses to operate. Today the world tends to stand at the ideas of time management and working beyond the borders. The advent of technology has helped diminish the borders if not fully than at least to a certain extent. Today, where the economic conditions are tough, and survival is much more difficult, technology has given a ray of hope in this context (Bassoppo &Temba, 2006).

To survive in this world one needs to ...
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