Electronic Surveilliance

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Electronic Surveillance of Employee

Electronics Surveillance of Employee

Where an employee can reasonably expect to have privacy in the workplace?

Normally, when any person starts his career in any profession, he would immediately not get all the facilities that are provided at the Managerial level. It will take time before coming to Managerial Level. An employee would need to work very hard before coming to Managerial Level. This is because, time is not the only factor for promotion, but personal efforts and dedication of an employee even counts a lot. Therefore, an employee would be able to have privacy in the workplace when he will become a Manager. He will be provided a separate cabin to work in order to give him complete privacy and will be able to concentrate more on work (Etzioni, 1999). The employees who work on Executive Level do not get the similar environment because all of them work together at a popular place. Therefore, an employee can expect to have privacy in the workplace when he would become the Manager.

Does it make a difference if an employee is in an open area or an enclosed office?

It certainly creates a difference when the employee works in an open area or an enclosed office because in an open area, he gets a different working environment as compare to enclosed office. There are many people who sit at a common place and a lot of conversation even takes place among them. Sometimes, the environment even becomes very noisy as lots of people interact with each other, and it creates a disturbance for some of the workers in the organization. However, in most of the situations, it becomes necessary for employees to interact with each other. Proper communication and coordination is required among all these employees. Still one thing, which is very clear to all the employees, is that discipline cannot be violated by them. The communication must take place between the employees but the discipline also needs to be maintained (Lane, 2003). On the other hand, when an employee works in an enclosed office, he gets a peaceful environment in a way that he sits alone in the working area, concentrates on the work and most importantly even has privacy in all the activities he performs. However, it becomes boring for an employee who loves to interact with the people and even engages in informal talks but due to the promotion of his rank, he is bound to sit in the independent working cabin. This is the difference when an employee sits in an open area or an enclosed office.

Explain if Herman needs to know whether his salespersons are honest and is it a sufficient ground for utilizing electronic surveillance.

In the recent times, employers want to make sure that their employees are performing well are not having any legal issues with them and the most crucial thing is the prevention of leaking out sensitive information. The biggest challenge that lies for the companies these days is the monitoring ...
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