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One hundred years ago, a young Brazilian aviator wowed the people of Paris with the successful flight of his monoplane design. This man was Alberto Santos-Dumont, and the signature Panama hat he wore made him stand out in a crowd.

Inspired by Santos-Dumont, Embraer is one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, a position achieved through the commitment to full customer satisfaction. Throughout its 40-year history, Embraer has been involved in all aspects of aviation. In Addition to design, development, manufacturing, sales and technical support for commercial, agricultural and executive aviation, Embraer also offers integrated solutions for defense and security.

It has produced more than 5,000 aircraft that operate in 92 countries on five continents, and it is the market leader for commercial jets with up to 120 seats. Embraer manufactures some of the best executive jets in operation, and is now entering a new level in the defense segment.



Embraer has the highest production standards, which start with our commitment to enterprise excellence. The P3E program pursues continuous improvement for Embraer's people and processes, and is one of the pillars of our responsibility for producing a product that involves so much technology and so many safety procedures as those found in an airplane.

Besides employee preparation, Embraer and its training partners offer all aircraft operators a comprehensive set of technical training courses. The company's responsibility is also reflected in the design, manufacture and airworthiness certifications earned by our aircraft in Brazil and abroad. Certification is a legal and mandatory procedure for civil aviation, in which Embraer must demonstrate that the product complies with safety regulations defined by the certifying authority.

The safety of Embraer products is one of the pillars for generating value. The Company's safety policy takes a proactive approach during the entire product life cycle, in order to ensure that Embraer's safety standards are met and exceed the minimum standards set by aeronautic certifications.

New products, or even modifications in previously certified designs, are only disclosed to the operators after a formal demonstration of compliance with safety requirements and the resulting approval by the civil aviation authority. Product safety performance is continuously monitored in conjunction with customers.

Embraer had participated in the Farnborough International Airshow, at Farnborough Airport (FAB), UK, promoting its entire range of products for the Commercial Aviation, Executive Aviation and Defense & Security markets. The company has showed four aircraft on static display: the EMBRAER 190 and the ERJ 145 jets for Commercial Aviation; the midsize Legacy 500 mock-up; and the large Legacy 650 for Executive Aviation.

Embraer is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 120 seats, and will promote its traditional ERJ 145 family of regional jets and the state-of-the-art EMBRAER 170/190 E-Jets family. These aircraft provide regional, network, and low-cost carriers with great flexibility, as well as low fuel burn, low emissions and compelling economics. A total of 890 ERJ 145 family regional jets have been delivered worldwide, and 62 airlines in 41 countries have placed more than 1,060 firm orders for the ...