Emergency Management

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Emergency Management

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Emergency Management


In the context of the contemporary developed global societies, the issues of emergency management have become a primary and essential concept. As the human society has progressed through the eras such as industrial revolution and has now developed a highly interlinked and complex society, the relevant government authorities have seeked to enhance the security related dilemmas for the national population (Waugh & Streib, 2006). Due to the advancements of the global human society in the field of technology and scientific management proceeds, which helps these authorities have been able to forecast and even prevent the natural or voluntary emergency situations.

The primary reason why the government authorities of majority of the developed countries allocate a substantial amount of their resources towards the emergency management initiatives is that this system is required for the society to function properly and also flourish. Individuals who do not feel safe in their national environments would not be able to fulfill their civic or societal duties, which will lead to a several socio economic dilemmas. Several modern researches have clearly identified a link between the security situation in a country and the national economic condition. Hence the government authorities have to ensure that the adequate emergency management infrastructure is developed in the country in order to bolster the confidence of the relevant population. The advancements in technology have helped the modern countries adequately deal with the emergencies caused by the national disasters, as they are equipped with highly advanced technologies and also scientific management principles. However the terrorism is issues is more complex in nature and requires a greater effort by the relevant authorities to adequately deal with the relevant emergency threats.


Terrorism Threat: A Global Emergency

The event of September 11 attacks on the twin towers in the United States ...
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