End Of Life Care: The Hemlock Society

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End of Life Care: The Hemlock Society

End of Life Care: The Hemlock Society


The Hemlock Society of USA was founded by Derek Humphry, in Santa Monica, California. This society was founded in 1980, with the national right o die organization. It was founded with the mission to educate the dying people, and supporting legislation permitting physician assisted suicide. In 1992, taking after the distribution of his book Final Exit, Derek Humphry left the administration of Hemlock Society USA. In 2003 the national association renamed itself, and a year later united with an alternate assembles into a recently structured national association called Compassion & Choices. Various unaffiliated neighborhood associations proceed to work under variants of the Hemlock Society name (Hemlocksocietysandiego.org, 2013).


There can be numerous advantages that can be associated with the services that Hemlock Society provides. The Hemlock Society not only helps the dying patient, but also helps the people who are directly or indirectly related to the patient. The society helps to

Create Living Will

The society helps in providing a legal procedure for those who have long terminal illness and wish to die. A living will is a directive to physician. It is a legal document in which the patient declares that he wish to die a natural death. The patient also clarifies the physician that in case of irreversible condition, he/she does not wish his/her to be expanded by artificial means.

Provide life sustaining treatment

The society helps to provide the patients with treatment that helps to extend life. In the context of end of life, these may be regarded as death avoidant or to be futile. The society also provides the patients with a forum where those who have the desire to commit suicide can converse about their feelings.

Improve the quality of reaming life of the patient

The society helps to enhance ...