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In this study we try to explore the concept of energy politics in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is pertaining to analyze the significance and the level of understanding and comprehension that individuals have due to energy and its impact on world politics. The research also analyzes many aspects of the people involved in the process of creating the most effective outcomes with reference to utilization of available resources and at the same time creating the and establishing global and international relations across the globe. Finally, on a conclusive note, the paper shall yield findings and highlights prevalent in the area of developing definite strategies and tactics, which would help countries, make effective and efficient use of their available capital and at the same time creating different tools towards intensive development.

Table of Contents





Background of the Research1

Problem Statement1

Research Aim2

Research Objectives2

Significance of the Study2

Research Ethics3

Limitations of the Study3


Energy: An introduction4

Current Situation of Energy Resources: Oil & Natural Gas4

Foreign Policy of countries in the light of energy resources6

Explaining the Central Asian Energy Game: Complex Interdependence and How Small States Influence Their Big Neighbors6

Understanding Energy Security in a World of Complex Interdependence9

Maneuvering amid Complex Interdependence11

The Possibilities for Small States14

Putting Central Asia into Context: Changing Historical Alignments and the Energy Game Competition for Oil15

Natural Gas Exporting18


Research Design20

Research Ethics20

Literature selection criteria20

Search technique21

Keywords used21

Theoretical framework21

Research instruments21


Explaining the Central Asian Energy Game22

Changing the Rules in the Kazakh Petroleum Equation23

China and New Diversification Opportunities23

Kazakhstan's Efforts to Seek Better Deals26

Turkmenistan's Shifting Natural Gas Equation28

Turkmenistan's Diversification Options30

Impact of Foreign Policy on energy politics32




Background of the Research

Energy, alongside Food, Pharma and Technology, is amongst the four most highly competitive and the biggest industries to have existed on Earth, with revenues of more than $4 trillion. These four industries contribute towards the most important changes that prevail in the world today.

Energy, to put into discussion, implies forces and resources, which are responsible and become the driving forces for the industrial progress and escalations that have come to us. However, with the global community and the countries fighting the kind of aggression, which individuals tend to take up in terms of having power, politics tends to take major toll. Politics is generally associated with the realms of power and the kind of control and command that countries may receive with the development of the progress.

With companies, organizations and entire nations now competing, or even collaborating, towards gaining maximum energy resources, it becomes relatively difficult for ...
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