Eng225 Week 2 Assignment

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ENG225 Week 2 Assignment

ENG225 Week 2 Assignment


This paper will analyze the scene “Meeting with Plastics” of the movie “Mean Girls”. This video clip is taken from movieclips.com. The 'Plastics' is referred to three materialistic teenybopper of high school. Mean Girls is an American teen comedy released in 2004, directed by Mark Waters. The screenplay was written by Tina fey. She brilliantly describes how social cliques operate among high school female and its impact on girls. This film is produced by LouiseRosner, tony Shinkin, Jennifer Guinier, Jill Sobel Messick and Lorne Michaels.


Cadey (Lindsay Lohan) is a new student in American high school and she is looking for making new friends there. The main setting of the movie is high school, through which audience become familiar with its theme. The director of the movie, Mark Waters is responsible to direct this most important scene of the movie in a friendly and loud environment. The music director, Rolfe Kent gave brilliant soothing music in the background. On the other hand, Tina fey greatly introduces the character of Regina George (Rachel Mc Adams) and her appealing dialogues, particularly saying 'Shut Up' when Cadey is already silent (movieclips.com). In this scene, the role of Tina played very important because it was her dialogue writing that made these plastic girls more different and appealing. The overall design and direction of this scene is spectacular and quite decent.

The scene was directed in day light and it seems also important to place in lighting mode as this was the first meeting with plastics. The audience must recognize each mean girl in lightening mode. The day lightening maintains' audience activeness and attentiveness, therefore; the characters also seemed very dominant and energetic. The overall lightening of the movie is bright as it is wholly based on teenager's life, which ...