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Term Papers on Engineering

Engineering is not a new field. The existence of engineering is from ancient times after humans devised fundamental inventions like pulley, lever and wheel. It has many branches and among them students select as per there interest to get specialization. While students do specialization in engineering, they have been required to submit term papers. Researchomatic is offering thousands of term papers that will help out individuals in preparing engineering term papers easily.

Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment Introduction Wastewater treatment is a series of physical, chemical and biological processes are aimed at eliminating the physical, chemical and biological agents present in the effluent water for human use. The goal of treatment is to produce clean water (or treated effluent) or reusable in the environment and ...
Sustainable Design Strategies
Sustainable Design Strategies Introduction Buildings are responsible for more than half the world's energy use, thus thinking sustainably requires attention to how buildings can be designed, constructed, and operated to use less energy and fewer material resources. The processes of design, construction, and building operations are inextricably linked: Design decisions determine ...
Wind Turbine Blades
Wind Turbine Blades Wind Turbine Blades Introduction The wind energy industry is one of the fastest-growing fibre business reinforced plastics in the world. Production challenges are compounded as large scale operations of wind turbines continues to increase at a rapid pace. Blades, among the most complex parts to mould, now exceed ...
Carbon Nanotubes
CARBON NANOTUBES Carbon Nanotubes Carbon Nanotubes Introduction Carbon nanotubes are one of the most commonly mentioned building blocks of nanotechnology. With one hundred times the tensile strength of steel, thermal conductivity better than all but the purest diamond, and electrical conductivity similar to copper, but with the ability to carry much higher ...
Philadelphia International Airport Expansion Plan
PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT EXPANSION PLAN Philadelphia International Airport Expansion Plan Philadelphia International Airport Expansion Plan Introduction and Rationale The role of the runway controller in the simulation is performed by a search which was designed to form the basis of an online decision support system. Both the simulation and the decision support ...
Concrete Mixer
CONCRETE MIXER Concrete mixer Letter of transmittal [Name of the Supervisor] [Name of the location] 12-october-2011 Dear Sir, The paper discussing below is about the methodology on how concrete cements are produced. There are different methods of mixing appropriate material to derive a good concrete material which can be use for various purposes. I ...
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