Who is Barry Marshall?

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Question 1

Given only what we know from reading the Penrose and Katz chapter from the first weeks of class, who is Barry Marshall? And why is the anecdote about him and his work a relevant and revealing narrative for our class?


Barry Marshall was an internist at the Hospital of Australia's Royal Perth in 1983. The reason he became so popular was the fact that he provided findings of him and pathologist J. R. Warren's to the International Workshop conducted in Brussels. The workshop was related to Campylobacter Infections. The connection of Barry Marshal and Warren was already established since the published several letters together in the Lancet (Aitken & Pungur, 2005).

The findings of Barry Marshall were related to bacteria which were called Helicobacter pylori later. The bacteria live in the stomach lining of patients with gastritis. Marshall was extremely confident about doctors his findings represented in the joint paper in the international conference. Marshall was so confident that he talked in front of established doctors and experts of the field. The findings that Barry Marshall reveals were related to microbiology, gastroenterology and other diseases.

Penrose and Katz considered it important to reflect the findings of Barry Marshall because of his underlying confidence and capability to convince the experts of the fields with his findings. Marshall suggested that bacterium of helicobacter pylori was responsible of stomach ulcer diseases and also responsible for taking the ulcer to the chronic levels. The recurrence of chronic ulcer can be eliminated from most of the patients by providing them antibiotics like Pep and Bismol (Armour, 2005).

The theory of Marshall and Warren became extremely popular about the ulcer. The theory suggested that the stomach ulcer is a result of the bacterial infection of the stomach lining. The knowledge of Barry Marshall was immense about the bacteria that Robin Warren suggested that the understanding of the bacterium must be connected to the gastric symptoms. Barry Marshall become extremely popular with the theory related to bacteria.

Marshall and Warren had to look for other scientists and NIH to look over testing, validating and accepting the work they have done. Physicians applied the research of Barry Marshall and Warren in the industry of pharmaceuticals. Different tests and treatments were developed with an aim to provide complete health care to the patients of stomach problems. Barry Marshall was keen to share his theory to the world with an intention to help the humanity (Baum, Ma & Payea, 2010).

The sharing of Barry Marshall's theory provided a new arena of thinking to the people in the field of gastritis and ulcer. The treatments of patients having gastritis and ulcer were the basis aim of Barry Marshall. The anecdote about him and his work remain relevant and revealing narrative for our class mainly because of the way he was confident about his findings and the manner in which he was able to speak to the experts of the field. The underlying communication abilities of Barry Marshall made him stood out amongst ...