English And Computer Technology

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English and Computer Technology


There is no doubt that English language has is the most popular language of the world and plays the role of a central point in this world. Today without the English language, the survival is difficult in this world. It is observed that the computer technology has controlled everything today. But if we analyze, the computer technology is also dependent on the English language mostly. Most of the computers and its programming are in English. All the major software's, and websites are in English language today. Indeed, English is the language of international trade, tourism, politics, the Internet and beyond. This is the first and main language of international communication. In many countries it is considered second only to the national language. English is spoken by about 1 billion inhabitants of planet Earth. Even if you're not going abroad but still knowing English is very good for him as it has become a sign of literacy today. This is your advantage when seeking employment. This is your helper in moving up the career ladder. It is, finally, a handy tool to make communication with foreigners.

It is examined that today, the dominance of English in the technology is seen quite logical. They have the money, so they can do research, so they write in their mother tongue. In the late nineteenth century almost all advances in science were made in France and Germany, and any attempted mathematics, chemistry or engineering was written in the language that made the discovery (Inman, and Hewett, pp. 126). It should be. The terms we adapted the English do not have to scare us. In the Middle Ages to anything that smacked of science was written in Latin and nobody is ripping their hair out by it. What Anglophones call given by the unit bit of information? What? They have also adapted "binary" in Latin, and nothing happens.

It is explained that the programming languages are nothing: it is simply easier to program in English than Castilian. And no, it is the custom, but because the English (and German and any derivatives) is an agglutinative language, i.e. you can add as a suffix to any word and get another meaning without having to add prepositions. Picture yourself by scheduling the class that handles a button in a window of Windows, in English quedaria something like; Button, ButtonEventHandler, ButtonClick, ButtonReleased and the programming in Castilian is like; Buttons, Manejador_de_evento_de_boton, pulsacion_en_boton, boton_dejado_de_pulsar. This example proves a good connection of English with the technology today as compared to the other languages.

English Language and the World Wide Wed

It is analyzed that today not only the content and users have changed but also the language of the World Wide Web has broader than ever. As the birthplace of the Internet lies in the U.S. and the exchange of information primarily limited to early universities and scientific institutions, has long been English, the "mother tongue" of the World Wide Web. Today, although still dominated by English sides, but Germany is ...
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