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Market Research Process

There are many definitions of marketing research, and for a period, was found in the literature a superposition the term “market research”, used in reality loosely to describe all the activities covered by the marketing research (Godin 2006, pp.3-18).

Market research is an essential tool for reduce, not eliminate, the risk area for a decision business. In fact, they show their usefulness in the contribution to better match between their demand and supply of market, supporting the company in meeting the customers. In essence, it can be said that market research meet two basic requirements:

Makes available all information and data;

Statistical data needed to make a decision; develop new knowledge.

The process of Informal Market Research

The steps for developing a market research are:

Defining the research problem

This step is where the existing problem is defined and consists of two basic processes: problem formulation and establishment of research objectives, how. After formulating the problem, it is necessary to formulate research questions. What are the basic questions that need answering and possible sub questions you have. With the problem or opportunity defined, the next step is to determine the objectives of the research, defining and thereby determining what information is needed to resolve the questions. A good way to determine the objectives of research is to ask, “What information is needed to solve the problem?” It should be understood that “Clear objectives help to obtain clear results.”

Select and set the research design

The “generic” types of design research are: Exploratory, Descriptive, and Conclusive (descriptive or causal), and Systematic.

Exploratory research is defined as the collection of information through informal mechanisms and unstructured. The research is exploratory when not using any previous model as the basis of your study, the more general reason for using this approach is that you have no other option (Beal & Strauss 2009, pp.365-378).

Descriptive research refers to a set of methods and procedures that describe the variables of marketing. This type of study helps determine the basic questions for each variable, answering who? How, What? And When? Such studies can describe things like customer attitudes, intentions and behaviors, as well as describe the number of competitors and their strategies.

Causal research focuses on controlling several factors to determine which one is causing the problem. This isolates the causes of the problem, while delivering a higher level of knowledge about the variable being studied. This type of study is the most complex and thus expensive.

Systematic research is the process used to assess a while he comes to, he finds the problem and proposed solutions.

Identify the types of information needed and sources; there are two types of information on market research, primary and secondary. After determining what information is needed, determine the method that will be achieved in obtaining this information. There are multiple methods within which are telephone surveys, mail surveys or e-mail, personal interviews or group surveys. Moreover, there are two basic methods of gathering information, by asking questions or by observation; the most common instrument is the ...
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