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Environmental Planning and Policy

The Not-So-Green Mountains

The article is about the Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, where a mega project to develop 21 wind turbines of about 460 feet in height carries out near Lowell Mountain. The area is considered to be one of the largest wild land territories of the state. Environmentally sensitive settings, destroyed by wind power projects like, Cape Cod and Maine. These turbines are scattered over the area of three miles of the ridgeline. Roads are required throughout the passage upsetting the wild life and 134 acres of forest will be clear- cut. In order to provide an access to heavy machine and cranes, ridgeline has to be altered. 0.7 Million pounds of explosive will be used to destroy mountain tops and used in roads construction. The electricity produced form these turbines will be sufficient to power 24000 houses per year, which accounts for 25% of the state electricity need. However, it should also be considered that Green Mountain ridgelines attracted tourists from all over the world, generating revenue of 1.4 billion dollars. Unfortunately, environmental groups have not taken any measures against these ecologically destructive projects even in other states of the country. Vermont, being deprived of its natural heritage in the name of “green” energy development. These projects in Vermont represent an irresponsibility of our society towards the landscape and economic prosperity of Vermont (Wright, 2011).

If we relate the idea presented in this news article, to the work of John Randolph in his Book Environmental Land Use Planning and Management. The highlighted environmental issue in this article is of natural beauty and resource, like forests. These play a significant role in the environmental rehabilitation of a country. The development of wind turbine at the cost of natural landmark is never justified. It claims that societies engaged in industrialization at the price of its natural heritage.

On the other hand, the main questions that arises by the review of this article, if we happen to increase productivity and supply of electricity. The revenue generated from this resource can it be compared with the review generated by means of tourism and recreational amenities, provided by these landmarks?Questioning Europe's Math on Biofuels

The generating energy form plants emit just as much carbon from cars as they get absorbed by power plants while growing. The benefits of biofuels are decreasing due to the emissions, when taking into account some factors like use of fertilizer in the manufacture of fossil fuels. According to an expert of Right ...
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