Environmental Planning And Policy

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Environmental Planning and Policy

Environmental Planning and Policy

Article 01


Environmental issues are the negative aspect on the sustainability of the environmental quality necessary for the well being of the organisms living in it. There are a number of environmental problems like Anoxic waters, Climate change, Conservation Energy, degradation, Environmental health, Genetic engineering,

Idea of the Article

The article depicts an environmental issue and the current situation of US. The main lofty idea discussed is to get across the readers, how the people of US stuck and facing problems and difficulty, and indulging into extended health risks (Susteren 2011).

Empirical Evidence

The idea that depicted in this article proven on a fact that the actual survey been taken place, and interviews been taken from residents of these affected areas. As Sandy Haas, one of the members of Vermont House of Representative who is its resident said that people became quite anxious due to lack of power and the lack of access.

Article concept related to the book

Environmental Land Use Planning and Management describes the basic method to solve the major problems of land use planning and management along with their influences on the environment. It also describes the way the environmental authority managing their roles in offering their services to the affected land and citizens (Randolph 2004).


The questions I came across after going through the article are as follows:

What are techniques to evaluate the damage?

How they are prioritizing the affected land to start work?

What are the future precautions for snow?

The Expert Sources

There are two people named who acted as an expert source in this article to give the evident facts about the idea described. They are Justin G. Johnson and Mark Bosma, both works for Vermont Emergency Management. Justin G. Johnson is a Deputy Commissioner who is accountable for all Divisional actions.

Article 02


The article includes a reference about more than 60 cases of mass fish deaths of Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout caused by vineyards, which the local fishery agencies recorded in the last 3 years. An estimated 25000 fish were killed in one of these events (Charles 2011).

Idea of the Article

The article discusses the various ecological threats that the forests of Sonoma County face.

Empirical Evidence

The article cites views and opinions of different environmental experts and members of environmental preservation agencies working in the region. Moreover, authorities are still issuing permits for new vineyards. According to the experts quoted, there have ...
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