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Comparison of the Benefits For Environmental Policy of Five Companies in UK

Comparison of Environmental Policy of Five Companies of UK


The term “Green Policy” is the environmental concept that refers to the organizational commitment to the regulations, laws or mechanisms of policy which are concerned with environmental sustainability or issues that can affect the environment. Issues which are included in green policy are water and air pollution, biodiversity management, management of ecosystem, solid waste management, protection of wildlife or endangered species, or the protection of natural resources (Jayawardena, 1992). Also, other concernswhich are related to the policies of regulation of toxic substances which include many types of industrial waste or pesticides are also the part of environmental or green policy. Energy issues are also considered in green policy. The policy can deliberately be taken to oversee or direct human activities, which aim to prevent harmful effects on natural resources or biophysical environment. In addition to this, the policy also focused towards ensuring that changes in the environment do not put harmful effects to people living in the society or part of the community or a company's stakeholders.

The companies who do not comply with the environmental regulations are faced with different aspects of major environmental issues. The environmental problem in the organization arises when the change is experienced in both quantity and quality of environmental factors, which tends to directly impact the well-being and health of individuals living in a society. As more organizations are increasing their operations globally, the concern for environmental issues has gained prominence from past few decades. Global population has also led to increase the pressure on natural resources worldwide which include water, air, raw materials etc. , because of which modern societies have also generated increased demand for more use of industrial chemicals. However, the extensive use of chemicals in the industry have resulted in rising the living standard as well as prolonging human life, but at the same time it significantly impact environment and human health. The concern for environment is also important as more environmental issues are evolving as a result of manufacturing operations of a company. These issues include ozone depletion, climate change, air and water pollution, degradation of land and loss of biodiversity. Organizations need to focus on these issues by formulating its environmental policy, which also helps to achieve long term success for the frim if it shows considerable attention to environmental concern.

To some degree, all organizations that are operating have an effect on the environment. If an organization occupies a policy statement that comprise of green policy, it means that the company demonstrates its green credentials to its clients, shareholders, employees as well as its customers. However, it is widely accepted that firms with better management practices play critical role in addressing manor environmental issues. Also companies in the industry are also influenced by a number of pressures outside pressures particularly from investors, customers, regulators and environmental interest groups. In addition to this, won stakeholder of firms tends to expect increasingly ...
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