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Struggles of Being an ESL Teacher

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Countries are becoming more and more multi-racial and diversified in terms of culture and population. They need to learn the language spoken officially in their residing nation. Since English is the most widely used language in major parts of the world, therefore, teaching English as a Foreign Language have become a specialist skill and a profitable enterprise. It covers both the instruction of schoolchildren and their parents whose mother tongue is not English but who reside in an English speaking nation due to any reason; it may be any social necessity or personal need. EFL schools are increasing on a gradual basis, and so is the demand of teachers. Despite the growing demand of such schools, one cannot ignore the fact that many teachers in this field are still not entitled to their deserved rights. This research paper discusses the struggles of being an ESL teacher; especially the less privileged ones.

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Struggles of Being an ESL Teacher1

Students from a variety of culture and regions2

Lack of ELL Students2

Lack of Resource material3

Story of an ESL Teacher3



Struggles of being an ESL teacher


There was a time when teaching was considered as one of the most respected and highly paid profession all over the world. Teachers belonging to any group, country, language etc were compensated on an equivalent basis. Now days, this profession is still respected and highly paid, but the level of education and students have made the difference. Teachers of elementary and high schools are treated and compensated differently as against the teachers of ESL, English as Secondary language. This is not the same situation in every case, but also true is the fact that a lot of teachers in this field are still struggling for a number of things that they deserve. Before proceeding on to the details of the problems faced by these teachers, it is imperative to understand the phrase “English as Secondary language” in detail. This phrase often, denoted by abbreviation, ESL, refers to the teaching of those students whose mother language or first language is other than English. The abbreviation E.S.L. is commonly used as shorthand for the phrase "English as a Second Language”. These studies often take place in those countries whose first and official language is English. ESL students are people who belong to some other country and came to live in English speaking nation. They are called "English Language Learners" or ELL. The term EFL that is, English as Foreign language, is also used for the same purpose (Ferris, 2005).

Struggles of Being an ESL Teacher

Teachers are not struggling everywhere, nor are all of them unhappy and deprived of their social rights. There still exist some places where teachers are given the same respect as they were given years ago. They make the rules and are authorized to do their job as they per their own wish. Their sayings are followed and considered by every concern party. Although, such close to ideal situations still ...
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