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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

I was born in Sierra Leone and spent the early part of my youth living there. As I was growing up, I witnessed different hardships at both personal and social level. Some of these hardships included facing meagre family resources and lack of social opportunities. Coupled with, the geopolitical situation of the country, which impacted its relations with its neighbours. Sierra Leone is known the world over for its natural deposit of rare gems, such as diamonds. However, these diamonds reach the global market through intense guerrilla conflict, which has impacted thousands of Sierra Leoneans for decades. It was through this tumultuous time that my parents became my strongest pillars of support and strength. Despite all odds, my parents were devoteddevoted to seeing my siblings, and I receive a good education. Along with, teaching us strong values to help us make a difference in the lives of others.

I have a diverse education background, which includes completing my engineering studies from Post and Telecommunications Engineering School in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1973. After which, I completed by Masters from Moscow from the Institute of Automobile and Highways Engineering in 1974. I continued teaching and studying at Moscow Institute of Power Engineering till 1982. Later on, I developed interest to learn about law and thus, completed my law degree from College of Law from London in 1998. I am further qualified in Post Graduate Qualification in Education and a registered student of M.Phil in Gas Turbines from University of Cranfield.

Moreover, in pursuit of quality and higher education I have travelled to many different countries such as France, England and Russia. These travels have made me proficient and possess basic linguistic knowledge about many different languages. Of these, French and Russian are the most proficient foreign language that I speak.

Likewise, ...