Ethics & Social Responsibility In The Aviation Industry

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Ethics & Social Responsibility in the Aviation industry

Ethics & Social Responsibility in the Aviation industry


The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant information relating to ethics or social responsibility in the Aviation industry. Ethics in business comes directly from the idea of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. Responsible and sustainable business should aim to incorporate ethical standards into the strategy and consciously use them in their business. The shift in the approach to business, entrepreneurs are beginning to discover that business is not limited only to economic gain, but important non-economic values are also important, which significantly affect the functioning of the company and the quality of work performed by employees. Reconciliation of business and ethics seem difficult. Understanding and implementing the principles of ethics to the company's strategy is a way of ensuring long term success of the company. The lack of ethics causes internal chaos, reduces motivation, deterioration in the quality of work and creates a sense of impunity. The organization is often not aware that their unethical activities can cause harm and generate huge costs (Reese, 2000).

The aviation industry of US plays an increasingly important role in the economy and is one of the fastest growing sectors in United States. In 2008, sales amounted to 1417 million dollars, by 72% compared to 2007. In 2007, employment in the aviation sector were more than 6,700 employees, about 20% more than in 2005. The main areas of the US airline industry are: production of parts for airplanes, helicopters, gliders, production of spare parts, Aircraft Engineering, and aviation services (Matulich, 2009). In the next section, the author will discuss and examine different ethical and social aspects of Aviation industry.

Discussion & Analysis

Ethics & Social responsibility in the Aviation industry

With the rapid development of aviation industry, ethics and social responsibility has also become an important factor in determining the success of Aviation Industry. Business ethics in Aviation industry is associated with the concept of honesty, loyalty, justice, fairness, equality and professionalism. A key, but not the only ethical standard is the command to obey the law. Ethics in Aviation industry also applies to moral principles; it refers to the religion and customs, according to which all aviation companies operate. Ethical behavior cannot be forced on anyone; it must flow out of inner conviction and be fully conscious. Business ethics in Aviation industry are concerned with matters such as fair remuneration and fair and equal treatment of employees and elimination of discrimination in employment. The whole process of recruitment and selection should be conducted according to rules that do not discriminate against any group. For instance, it would be an ethical act to new inform employees about how they will be evaluated and what will be assessed after the trial period. Every employee, regardless of whether they are employed full-or part-time, should be offered equal access to training, additional benefits and the same opportunities for growth and ...
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