Ethics And Values: Case Analysis

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Ethics and Values: Case Analysis

Ethics and Values: Case Analysis


To start talking about the importance of ethics and values ??in today's society, we have to see how they affect our individual lives. Ethics and values ??for anyone in society are fundamental to throughout his life, as it shapes the course of his life, their way of being, develop and communicate. The word “ethics” means the science of morality, an art directing our conduct. Man's actions, instinctive or habitual, spontaneous or reflexive, are the building blocks of behavior it must follow the inductions of the moral sense. Ethics has to do with the duties and values that make us live together in society (Loewenberg, 2000). In ethics, value denotes the degree of importance of something with the aim of describing and determining what life or action is best. Values can be described as things that are considered very important or valued by a person. Ethics and values are considered as most important elements in life of a person as it guides humans and let them distinguish between right and wrong.

A free person constantly is faced with making choices, making critical situations; this may be related to selection of outfit or much more serious issue. Our decision affects along with us affects other people around us thus some standards are established to take effective decisions. The presence of ethics and values in a person's life helps him to take right decision which is beneficial for him and society in long terms. The focus on ethics and values is highly recognized as a significant element therefore in this paper I am going to discuss two cases (Cheryl's Brain Injury & Max's Post-Polio Syndrome) from ethical point of view. This paper will discuss standard of code of ethics related to each case, and will ethical principal from hierarchy of ethical principal applicable on each case. In the end solution to the situation of each case will be given by using hierarchy of ethical principles.


Social workers while making ethical decisions should posses the ability to distinguish between competing choices (Loewenberg, 2000). Taking ethical decisions is all about putting ethics into action. Research states that in the process of making ethical decisions, we as social workers should effectively consider Ethics code. The code of ethics is established to offer particular standards to resolve critical situations.

Case 1: Cheryl's Brain Injury


This case is about a girl who got brain injury while she was going to Iraq for active combat duty. After two years, she was able to recover from external body injuries but she was not mentally. Her family wanted her to know that she is not going back to the duty and her boy friend is marrying someone else. Standard of Code of Ethic

The situation of Cheryl falls under the integrality that seeks to promote truthfulness and honey. Integrity is the quality of the individual right and fair. From the moment we are born we begin to develop integrity, today we live in a society that leaves ...
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