Evaluating Brady's “why I Want A Wife,”

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Evaluating Brady's “Why I Want a Wife,”

[Name of the institute]Evaluating Brady's “Why I Want a Wife,”


This paper evaluates the Rhetorical Appeals discussed in the article Why I Want a Wife,” written by Brady. This paper critically analyse the article with respect to logical and supporting grounds of the article. Moreover, the paper discusses that whether the idea discussed in the article is true in the present world or it can be challenged.

Description and the Rhetorical Appeals

While evaluating an article the first and the most imperative facets to scrutinize are of description and rhetorical aspects.

Description about the Article

This article has discussed the responsibilities of a wife and her day to day activities. Moreover, the article discusses the needs of person to be fulfilled by a wife. The author has discussed why a person needs a wife with respect to social and sexual needs. Precisely, the author has described the qualities a husband wants in his wife. Moreover the article discusses the nature of a man that even if his wife has all those qualities that he wants, and if he finds a better option, he will look forward to replace his wife in order to have new fresh life (Brady, 1971).

Rhetorical Appeals of Article

Rhetoric appeals basically entail the author's ability to persuade readers. There are three elements that are part of rhetorical appeals. These three elements include ethos, pathos and logos (Williams, 2013).

The element of ethos engrosses credibility. In this article, the author adds the factor of credibility by show all the arguments as the personal experiences. The very first line of the article in which the author declares that she belongs to the “classification of people known as wives” creates credibility (Brady, 1971). This implies that whatever is asserted in this article is something that she has experienced herself. A thought, notion and ideology can be questioned by the reader but, when a writer expresses personal experiences then such content rarely lead the readers in the dubious state.

Another element of rhetorical appeal is of pathos. Pathos implies emotional appeals to persuade the audience. The nitty-gritty of a wife's life that is elaborated by the author adds the emotional theme in the article. One of the indispensible aspect of the article that can take a reader to the pinnacle of emotional feel is mentioning the idea that it is wife who is supposed to do all the tasks and compromises. ...